I have a problem with chemicals and so does my dog. We are both extremely sensitive to any chemicals to treat ticks and fleas with. Something that I could buy at a local grocery store without any problems would be fantastic. I do live in a very rural area, where there are more cows than people. Homeopathy-tick and flea removel are unfortunately out of my range of buying. any other sugjestions?
Thank you ! annie h.


  1. romance_

    for dogs under 20 lbs add 1/4 clove fresh minced garlic to feed daily for over 20 lbs add 1/2 clove fresh minced garlic

  2. auntcook

    Brewer’s yeast and garlic powder sprinkled on the food will prevent the little critters from latching onto your sweet baby.

  3. rottnpag

    Hi Annie,
    Flea and tick collars do nothing to get rid of fleas.
    Try getting some tea tree oil shampoo (a lot of farm/horse places will carry it, or will order it if you request it). Bath the dog and use that to shampoo them. Clean their bedding well, and vacuum, throwing out the vacuum bag immediately.
    This should help! Best of luck!

  4. creskin

    There is a food additive that you can add to their food that causes them to emit a smell that fleas and ticks are not attracted to. Humans cannot smell it.
    You can also use program tablets that you give your animal once a month.
    Anti-Flea Dog Food Additive
    A useful addition to a dog food recipes book. This is a simple additive to your dog’s food to keep the fleas away.
    1/4 Cup Cottage Cheese
    Vitamin E 1001 U
    1/4 Teaspoon Garlic Powder
    1 Tbsp Bacon Grease
    Mix all the ingredients and add to food daily.
    Source: http://www.about-dogs.com

  5. ozzzyblo

    A small clove of garlic cut up finely & mixed into food.
    If u have a bottle of minced garlic/garlic granules in your pantry use that, 1 teaspoon every meal for a week or until u c no fleas.
    Bath dog in diluted wool wash ( 1/2 cup in a bath).

  6. I'm as cool as ice cubes

    for a large breed dog try putting 1teaspoon of vinagar oil in there bowl of water, smaller dogs only put about half a teaspoon

  7. Darya K

    Well you know you ca give a bath each day until the fleas are gone. I used that to get rid of fleas without even using anything.
    P.S. Put on not voluable cloth, cause for 100% you are going to be soaked.
    P.S. Close the door to your bathroom, when you are going to wash him cause if not there is gonna be a mess.

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