My neighbor gave me a couple of purses yesterday which must of had fleas from his dirty *** cat b/c a couple hours later i was finding fleas on my cat which is an indoor cat. I gave her a bath but the cat shampoo i had i dont think it was for fleas so we had to pick them off of her. What i need to know is What are good products to get all the fleas off my cat and out of my house?



  1. lovemyca

    Even if your cat doesn’t go outside, it is possible for you to carry fleas in on your pants lets, etc. Also, if you have a dog, the fleas can hitch a ride on the dog and then infest the cat.
    The fastest way is to remove yourself and all living things from your residence and use the flea foggers. This will require you and your pets being out of the house for a period of hours.
    The next and best alternative is to get some Frontline Plus and apply it to your cat according to directions. Be sure to get it on the cat’s skin, not just on the fur. This product works by killing all fleas on your cat and it also kills all eggs and larva in the environment within 48 hours.
    My cats do not go outside, but they are treated with Frontline on a monthly basis and I have never seen a flea. I learned this lesson the hard way, when my indoor cats got fleas. The vet explained that a flea may have hitched a ride in on my hubby’s jeans after he mowed the lawn. It takes just one female flea with a sack full of eggs to make your life completely miserable.

  2. Jenna

    Go to the vet. Also try frontline after you get rid of the fleas; that will prevent that from happening again. They will sidate and give it a flea bath. then you need to buy a flea bomb for the house.

  3. Amy R

    Capstar is a pill you can get from the vets or petmeds maybe. Kills all fleas for 24 hours. Then it is safe to use Front-line which kills the flea eggs and the fleas for 4 weeks approx. You need to treat the carpet just get a area treatment spray, knockout is one, and spray where the cat hangs out and wash all bedding. Check and if you did was with a flea shampoo give her a bath with a dish soap before applying the fronltine. Too much of the chemicals can throw cats onto seizures. Anyways wait 3 days after a bath to apply frontline because it needs oils in the coat to stick.

  4. angelinv

    cats have sensitive skin so you really do need to get a product specifically for cats. I’ve used a citrus flea shampoo here in Texas for a long time and I treat the carpet with powder designed to kill fleas.

  5. November

    If it’s a home remedy you’re after, use Joy dish detergent. I used to work in a kennel and that’s what they used for fleas. But the best thing you can do is go to your vet and get some Advantage or Frontline.

  6. rhinestones

    There is a pill you can get from your vet called capstar. It is a one time pill that when given will kill every flea on your pet for 24 hours. It is not a flea preventative and cannot be given everyday but it is used to give things like frontline and advantage a starter boost. You will have to treat your house too to make sure they don’t get back on her. Remember that even indoor cats and dogs can get fleas. You can bring them in on your clothes and such. So you should keep her on a flea preventative to keep them off of her. But I highly recommend the capstar to get them off immediatly. Its only like 3-5 dollars

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