I have already hired pest exterminaters and they didnt do much…How do i get rid of fleas out of my carpet and keep them from biting my family..IE dog is gone


  1. Mystie

    I had a huge tick and flea problem this summer. I took a ranchers advice and bought some Seven Dust 10%. About $10 from Wal-Mart or True Value Garden. I sprinkled the whole area around my house. Then I sprinkled the carpets with the same dust, remove the kids first. Then in about 30 mins I vaccummed it up. I dont have a problem anymore. There is also a spray that I spray occasionally just becuase my cat comes in and out.

  2. Pearl

    I heard about this a long time ago. Get some mothballs and put them under things. Make sure they are out of the reach of kids and pets. I used to put a few in the corners of my couch and love seat. Good Luck!!!!!!!!

  3. NANCY K

    It is so simple it doesn’t seem possible, but it really does work.
    Take one night light.
    Plug it into the wall.
    Place a dish or pan of water under it.
    I add a drop or two of dish wash liquid.
    At night, make sure that is the ONLY light on, and in the morning you will find lots of fleas in the water.
    They jump at the light and land in the water and drown. I have used this for five years and it will totally take care of your flea problem without any poison.
    I just keep refilling the water dish (I use a square Pyrex baking dish) and it always amazes me how many fleas jump in there.
    I have a cat that runs inside and outside (where there are lots of other cats – with fleas!)

  4. EQ

    Vacuum all the carpeting and upholstery very, very thoroughly and then immediately throw out the vacuum bag. Wash all bedding and similar washable fabrics.

  5. Tigger

    Sprinkle borax on your carpet and furniture and let it sit about 20 minutes while you wash your bedding and drapes. Then vacuum. And keep vacuuming every day for at least two weeks, until the last of the fleas and flea eggs are gone.

  6. athene noctua

    The approved method in Ireland is to douse the whole place and its surroundings in sheep dip.
    Flea larvae grow in organic debris, same as dust mites, and short of poisoning them nothing seems to work.
    To be on the safe side you should also get rid of flower pots in the house, at least until you know they are flea free.

  7. Nicky

    my friend visited with her flee infested dog. I removed fleas with an indoor flea bomb from my local hardware store. No more fleas after that.

  8. pcloud@a

    I had fleas in my carpet years ago and i came across a artical in a book that said use regular iondized salt you know table salt and quite a bit of it, leave it down for 3 or 4 days and then vaccum it up, it will dehydrate the fleas, It worked for me

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