How do you clean the vacuum after you used for the fleas in the carpet? give details….thankyou


  1. MML

    Actually, if the bag isn’t full and you can still use it, put it in the freezer overnight before you use it again. Leave it in the freezer until you are ready to use it again. The cold kills the fleas in all stages (egg, pupae, larvae and adult). When you take it out of the vacuum cleaner, put some foil or plastic wrap over the opening in the bag and just place it in the freezer. We have fleas and that’s what we’ve been doing and it has worked. Just make sure each time you are finished vacuuming to take the bag out immediately and put in the freezer. When the bag is full and ready to be thrown away, put it in a separate trash bag and toss it in an outside trash can. You can also cut up a flea collar and put it in the bag and that will also help with killing the fleas.

  2. Ocimom

    If you’ve put a flea collar in the bag it will kill the fleas in there. But if not (and even if you did), then toss the bag immediately in the trash can/bin outside so the fleas don’t get the chance to get out and back into the carpet.
    Added – MML I like your idea – never heard of that. We don’t have a flea problem (thank God) but good to know if your method works 🙂

  3. christa5

    take the bag outdoors and throw it away. i don’t think you need to clean the components of the vacuum, but be sure to not use damaging chemicals on it.

  4. Dalala

    If it has a bag, dispose obviously. If it’s bagless, dump and spray with flea spray such as Adam’s Flea Spray or Knockout or Siphotrol Premise spray.

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