I have a dog that is very stable temperment she just needs a job to do. Without a jpb shes just a little to hyper for the city life. So I was wanting to donate her to the k-9 training program. I think she would make a great police dog. She a very quick learner. So I was just wonder how to go about donating her to the program.


  1. baby gifts

    first see if she is a good candidate get a red ball and show it to her if all she can think of is the ball in other words does she follw the ball with intensity?that’s what any police dept will be looking for.if your not sure visit your local P.D. and ask to talk to the k-9 unit and ask them for an evaluation they will come out to your home and evaluate him if he is a good candidate they will make arrangements with you.

  2. mamay

    Call the training center and talk to them. Find out if they take dogs as donations. There is a lot more to being a police dog than being a fast learner. They actually have puppy aptitute tests to see if they have the right temperment. If the training center won’t take it maybe you could find an individual who knows how to train for that stuff and would be interested in a good dog to train. Good luck.

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    you do realise that “donating” her to some program means you would actually be giving up your dog?
    You can try calling the police station and see if they know of any programs.
    You could also try something like search and rescue.. if she has a high ball drive she would be a good candidate.

  4. Jessica

    i actually donated my dog a few years ago to a police training program we just called the local police department and they came and met the dog and ended up taking him in. so just call and see what they say

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