I kicked the cats outside. They havent been in the house going on 7 days. I went and bought the flea bombs and I also bought raid that was specially formulated for fleas. After 3 bombs and a whole can of raid them suckers are still nippin on my ankles. I was under the impression that fleas can only survive if there is an animal in the house. Wont they eventually die?


  1. wandknut

    Honestly, your best course of action at this point is to bring the cats back into the house, buy a product called frontline (kinda pricey but in the long run priceless), treat them all. Make sure you buy the right one for their weight. You put a strip of it down the back of their necks and it works through the fur. In about a day or so, all the fleas in the house and on the cats will BE GONE. I assure you this is the best way to go. I am a kitty foster parent for the local shelters in my area and one time this worked for me on 30+ cats.

  2. Classyro

    As long as the fleas are biting you they will survive. Fleas can survive for up to 4 days on just one bite on either you or your cats.
    Vacuum the house and pay special attention to the baseboards and any other nooks they can lay their eggs. Fleas like damp places to lay their eggs. Also, get a dehumidifier for the house. After having fleas for two summers in a row, spraying the house and treating the cats both years it wasn’t until I got the dehumidifier and had it running all summer in the basement that I finally got rid of the fleas. I have never had another flea problem in my house. August and September is flea season, so before you bring the cats back inside make sure you give them a bath and don’t let them out again until the flea problem is under control. Vacuum every nook and cranny, including your sofa and bed.
    Check out the links for some useful information on fleas and their environment.
    Good Luck!

  3. ?

    We had that problem too but worst we had bedbugs and we had to throw mostly everything. Go to a exterminater supplies store tell them what can you buy for fleas they’ve helped us out and now we don’t have any bedbugs or fleas.Good luck

  4. James69s

    you should try vacuuming your entire house to suck them up. Other than that bombs work and this stuff at wal-mart called Adams. It works pretty good at killing fleas eggs and larvea

  5. RobinLu

    What worked for me was getting a product called Advantage from my vet. I used it on the cats once, vacuumed by house twice a day for a week and before I knew it, they were gone. That was probably 7 or 8 years ago. I continue to use Advantage on my cats once a month and have never had any more problems.
    The big thing was that I DIDN’T have to mess with a bomb.

  6. rebeandp

    Try shampooing the carpet then vacuum. Also try washing all the sheets and blankets. Wash the pets too.

  7. survey reviews

    u need to vacuum clean wash everything that the cat has come in contact bath the cat put flea medicine on the cat advantage works the best and than spray the house that should work

  8. parker_n

    You definitely want to vacuum more often than you regularly do, and get something that kills the flea eggs, as well as larvae. I also had a neighbor recommend using un-iodized salt around the baseboards to draw the adult fleas away from you and your pets. They then dehydrate and die, making it very easy to vacuum them up.

  9. Mark

    Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum, put a flea collar in vacuum bag or dirt cup or fleas will crawl (or hop) back out. Change bags outside, leave vacuum outside if possible.

  10. MurphysG

    Eventually Yes they will die. Keeping animals out of the house won’t keep the fleas out if they have laid eggs. Vaccum your floor daily or twice a day. If you have carpet buy Borax washing powders. Sprinkle the powder in the carpet and in the crevices of your furniture – let it sit over night. Don’t let it get wet or you will have a mess. Vaccum the borax up the next day. Do this several times and you will get rid of the fleas. Also use a high quality home spray such as ADAMS fleas spray – you can buy this at any pet store. Fleas are soooo hard to get rid of… I have been through it many times and it sucks!!!! Once they lay eggs (which is by the millions) you just have to keep working to get rid of them. Having the animals outside will also help – when you do decide to bring them back in use frontline on them. BUT bath them first with a flea shampoo. Doing all this you should be good to go.

  11. pc internet security

    Fleas can survive on humans…. that is why they r going after you. You kicked out there original source of food so now you r the “leftovers”. When i had a flea problem, i bombed everything from clothes to carpets, and furniture! i had to bomb everything that Fleas can survive in.

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