Moving into a new home. Past resident bombed it 5 times with who knows what type of bomb! Fleas…everywhere coming from the basement. The old resident claimes they are ” sand fleas”. Before I pay a ton for pest controll, I wondered if anyone has had a similar experience and had some advise. The past resident had a couple dogs.


  1. Stacey

    Carpet dehydrator!
    Places that carry horse supplies usually have it…
    follow the directions, sweep it under the base boards on hard floors, everywhere…
    It is not harmful to humans or pets and it just dehydrates the bugs…so they die.
    the site below has the same product if you can’t find it locally.

  2. Barry auh2o

    Ugh! We had a problem with fleas two years ago. So did everybody else in the block.
    We have an exterminator in the neighborhood.He traced the problem to groundhogs in the back yards. they had feas, the fleas were on the grass, you walked through thr grass and bought the little critters into the house.
    We have an exterminator,with a service contract. When we had the fleas, he sprayed the house, free. ( covered by the contract)I’d recommend one, even if you did not have the flea problem.
    Good luck.

  3. hazardous

    they obviously didn’t bomb the house cause flea bombs work if you use enough of them get one for every room and chuck a couple under the house. the yard can be treated with weed killer or spray kero on the lawn the grass grows back green fast that will stop the ones out side. had the same problem.

  4. WP Robot Autoposter

    Sounds like you may need a professional! For fleas, you have to treat the outside as well as the inside.
    You can put on a night light and below it put some water with dishwashing soap. Some of the fleas will hop into it and die. It certainly wont eradicate them all, but it will give you a good feeling that at least SOME of them are dead! For the outside, you can get ducks and they eat fleas (provided you are in a country type area.) Just fill up a kid sized pool and they will be happy. Also, guineas (bird) eats fleas. You’d better call someone though.

  5. T.R

    Maybe you should try some Bengal Flea Spray…A lot of times you can find it at grocery stores and pay around $10.00 for two large cans. It comes in a purple can. We have used it a lot at different times and it has worked every time for us. The fleas will only come back if you have an infestation in the yard. If that’s the case, you will have to get rid of that problem. Also, keep in mind that a single flea can reek havoc like if you go to someone’s house and a flea gets on your pants then you go home and it jumps off into your carpet. I know this is not the case with you right now, but I would treat the inside of the car also so not to carry fleas to some else’s house unintentionally.

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