I am sixteen and was wondering if it was possible to get certified as a dog trainer at my age. I also live in California if that helps. If its possible to get the license, how long will the process take?


  1. Single Worker 1230

    You do not need a license or a certification to train dogs. You just need to train a lot of dogs. Taking classes in animal behavior, learning theory, animal husbandry, business management, and the like will help but nothing beats experience. Start by volunteering to train dogs at your local shelter. Teach them the basics and it will make them more adoptable plus you will gain experience from working with a variety of dogs and dog problems.

  2. Sascha **Mutts Do It Better**

    I’m a trainer at my local obedience school and I didn’t really have to do much to get there.
    It’s sort of an informal club, but I went up to the manager and asked him about training. We all know each other there so he knew how well I did to train my anti social monster.
    I had to try and work on a new dog I hadn’t met before to asses my skills, then I got the badge.
    I don’t know if you can at 16, you could still give it a shot.

  3. WP Robot for Wordpress

    You mean for racing? You need to take diploma courses and set up a training complex,kennels,etc.Contact the racing dept and ask how to get a license.
    To be an obedience trainer you just have to learn how.

  4. kate

    I have been a trainer for 8 years. I didn’t touch my first dog until I was shadowed by a trainer with years of experience. This is a career! Not a job. You are affecting the way that this dog will act forever. Unless you have someone show you ways to train, don’t just go and start training anyones dog. That’s how you get bit. Not knowing what to look for.

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