I have been bitten by several fleas in my home today and I have no pets! I have never had fleas and keep my home VERY clean, vacuum several times a week, etc. Why do I have fleas now and how do I get rid of them ASAP!?!


  1. ttigresa

    You may have sand in your yard and fleas just need to bite so you are just as good a target as any animal in the yard. You could have had a stray on your porch that had them and the fleas enter by way of jumping on you or just when you open your door.
    If you had visited a neighbor and their pet had fleas they could have attached themselves to your clothing.
    There are so may ways to get them but it is especially difficult to get rid of them.
    Flea bombs don’t really work well if you are not completely infested with them.
    First – Seven Dust your yard. This is a dust to rid your yard of parasites of many kinds.
    Second – treat your carpeting. Make sure it is a spray that won’t asphyxiate you when inhaled. Treat once every 6 days for about 3 weeks. Let carpet dry completely before using room. Rest 24 hours to see if you have them anymore if not, then you’re good to go. If so, then repeat second step.

  2. charbonn

    This happened to me, too. I found out that if you walk outdoors where squirrels and chipmunks roam, you can pick up fleas on your pantlegs and shoes and bring them into your home. Once they get food and fuel (you), they’re all set. I had to vaccuum continuously for about a week, and then use an exterminator bomb in my house, but it worked and the fleas were gone. Good luck!

  3. tara

    u need to either get some flea treatment from a superstore or contact a pest control i have a problem with fleas at the moment beacuse my landlord before had 2 dogs and now i have 2 wait 3 weeks for the treatment to kill all of them and the eggs but if nobody stays in the house the eggs will not hatch some1 everyday needs to move in each room to activate and eggs if u don’t move around the eggs will not hatch and will stay in the carpet 4 up to 3 months the fleas will die if u r there or not hope i have kinda helped u good luck!!!!!!!!

  4. CCM

    Fleas are everywhere outside. They can be brought into your house by you via your pants legs. Seargent’s makes a flea & tick carpet powder. Sprinkle it on your carpet. Brush it ligtly with a broom to get it deep into carpet. Wait 60 minutes and vacuum. This should kill adults, eggs, larvae and pupae. This product also helps protect against reinfestation. You may also want to get some Spectracide for your lawn to help kill off the outside population.

  5. diannabi

    They probably came in on your clothes. Spray your house and if you have a crawl space spray it as well there is a special way to get rid of the eggs that lie in the carpet. Contact your local pest control store.

  6. sweet_le

    Fleas can jump, man. If you walk past an animal. If you walk past an animal owner. Or if you walk past grass where an animal has been. Or sit in a public seat like a restaurant, the library, the cinema, the toilet, the subway. You may bring home a little extra package.

  7. ₦âħíмânầ

    You will have to set a flea bomb off to get rid of them. They can live for up to 2 years without food and water . That should take care of them but make sure you use enough bombs per square footage .

  8. KitKat

    They can come from outdoors – don’t need pets to have them. I suggest putting moth balls in your vaccuum bag when you vaccuum and change the bag with each vaccuuming to get rid of them and their eggs –

  9. Nickie

    Fleas live in the grass and dirt. When you walk outside the fleas jump onto your shoes, socks, pants, feet, legs, etc. and then you take them into the house. The best way to get rid of them is to have an exterminator spray for you. But there are over the counter products that you can get to do it yourself. I have used one called Spectracide Bug Stop. It is a spray that can be used inside the home. It worked very good for me. Be sure to read all instructions. Good Luck. Have a great night.

  10. it's your own fault

    Psst. Hey, guess what. Fleas also ride in on people. You can get them from people that have them. You can get them from clothes bought at a store that had them. To get rid of them. Kill them! Murder them. Spray your carpets / bedding / couches. Anything with cloth. And don’t forget your own hair.

  11. Tash

    Someone who DOES have pets comes to visit you and . . . . .
    Bingo: you’ve got fleas!
    Now, there are some really good products in your cleaning aisle at the local supermarket: check it out -the ones that say that they kill fleas…tough job: if you’ve got plenty money: I’d suggest hiring one of those companies like, for instance Flick or some such!
    Good luck!

  12. NannyMcP

    I have cats who NEVER go outside and they usually get fleas about once a year. If a cat or dog walks across your property and only one pregnant flea falls off, it can jump onto your shoes, legs, whatever, and you carry it in. A female flea can have 600 babies in ONE MONTH, and so on and so on…. You’ll need to spray your carpets and furniture several times and probably set off a flea “bomb” at least once. Also, put a new, opened flea collar into your vaccum dust bag to kill the fleas that you sweep up. Good luck!

  13. shizzlec

    they can stick to your shoes and when you walk indoors there ya go………..they’re sneaky lil buggers

  14. lovelace

    i have a new apt downtown who knew they already had ticks/fleas i feel itchy just talkin bout it but just set off 6 foggers will that killem i have a 1 bed room apt?????

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