Well my bunny has fleas and i just wanted to know how i would get them off of her or kill them. Do i wash her in flea shampoo or so i spray something on her? I cant figure out how i can kill the fleas on her… Any help would be great thanks!!


  1. Tina

    First of all is your rabbit litterbox trained?
    Take her out of the cage and lightly rub sevin dust into her fur, make sure she doesnt breath to much in. After a couple of hours comb through her fur with a flea comb to remove the dead fleas.
    Continue doing this everyday until there are no more fleas.
    Also clean her litterbox everyday and dust a little on top of the litter before putting the hay in.
    You can get sevin dust at your local pet store.
    Do NOT spray her or use frontline/advantage, or give her a flea bath.
    If they are in your carpet sprinkle a little dust on your carpet, wait a couple of hours and vacuum.
    For more help with fleas and rabbit care go here: http://sandiegorabbits.org/

  2. Nikki H

    If the vet didn’t do anything to help with something as simple fleas then you need a new vet!!! Fleas are easy to take care of if you manage them quickly. If the infestation is really bad buy a new pen for it and everything. Most of the time just giving them regular bathes with flea soap will take care of the problem. Be sure to wash any blankets or towels that you have with your bunny to help get rid of any random fleas. Also make sure that you treat any other animals that have had contact with the bunny or with you after handling the bunny. hope that helps!

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