We just moved into an apartment, and found that the fleas were unholy…as soon as you walk in they are all over you attacking every inch of you. Than, we found in the kitchen, especially around the water heater…tons of cockroaches. I heard if you can see them walking around in daytime that the infestation is pretty severe. Is this true?
Already we have bombed once, we’re bombing again today. And blew out two bottles of Raid for fleas.
Is there anything else we can do?


  1. greengar

    I just answered this in another question.When you signed your lease , or when you called about the apartment, was there any info from the landlord that you there was a problem with bugs?Call the landlord and tell him there is a health issue with the bugs and he needs to do a professional extermination.Yes if you see them during the day it”s infested.Those bombs work temporarily,And roaches build up immunity.Unless the whole area is done they will just keep coming back. they hide in the walls.You could always threaten the landlord with calling the board of health if he doesn’t want to take responsibility.

  2. alialogg

    Yes, you should move! I’m dead serious. We had the same situation and were told that if you have them in your apartment, you can’t get rid of them unless the entire apartment is treated, which they wont do! We had to shake out all of our clothes, bang our shoes on the ground, and put everything into trash bags, before moving. Then, I put everything into my trunk for a few days (I figured, no food, high temperature, etc.) Then, we had the new apartment spray (we told them our situation and we didn’t want to accidentally bring any to the new place). Even after this, I still found one live roach in my trunk, but none made it to the new apartment. I’d leave now, tell them that roaches weren’t part of the agreement, and cancel the rent check if you still can. Good luck! Also, they will swear they will do something about this, but unless they spray the entire building, nothing will change, you WILL lose in the end.

  3. megansa0

    I had a similar problem this summer when my cat brought fleas in the house. Make sure you spray the raid along ALL baseboards and under and around all furniture. There is a carpet powder you can buy which you sprinkle over the carpet and vacuum up later, it works pretty well too. Vacuum every day and as soon as you vacuum, take the bags outside to the trash or they can get back out…somehow. If you have any pets, make sure to treat them and anywhere they sleep. Let them wander around the house still because they’ll pick up fleas and when they bite the animal, they’ll die from whatever you’ve treated the animal with. AfterBite is a good product for the bug bites as well. I would suggest complaining profusely to the apartment complex office and if you raise enough of a fuss, they SHOULD have an exterminator come immediately for you and you may be able to get them to give you a free month of rent for the problem.

  4. Dr. Gonzo

    Bombs for fleas are good but you have to do it more than once, sometimes more than twice because the eggs hatch a week or so later and it starts all over again. Yes it sounds like the roaches are severe as well. If you are living in an apartment, i assume your a renter. This is not you problem, it’s whoever is responsible for the apartment and you should fly off the handle with them. If it’s an apartment you own, you should call a pest guy to spray your house with a more powerful and longer lasting insecticide.

  5. GTH

    I’m a professional exterminator, i suggest you get a professional before it becomes a nightmare. Cockroaches are fast breeders and multiply very fast in huge numbers. One female can lay hundreds of eggs. if you multiply that by a hundred your talking thousands in months, millions in less then a year!! Fleas are also very nasty. Get help fast and stop using Raid. This type of product just scatters them and makes them come in larger numbers!!!

  6. Stephanie E

    Do not call the exterminator yourself, call your landlord/landlady, it is their responsibility to make sure the apartments are acceptable for you to live in. If they don’t do so and will not let you out of your lease, document your phone calls to them, take pictures if possible of fleas, flea bites, roaches, ect. and go to court if the court costs will be less than what you’re already paying. If its uninhabitable its uninhabitable and you should have to live in a place like that. Your home should be a relaxing place. The longer you wait the more likely they’ll blame it on you tho.

  7. cuddles

    since this is in an apartment then what needs to b done is everyone should bomb their apartment…
    if you are the only one treating for fleas and roaches then as soon as the fumes leave you will b reinfested..they will come from the other apartments to your apartment..
    maybe talk to the landlord and have them call an exterminator for the whole apartment building…

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