my cat has fleas I’ve used the drops , the collar and the shampoo


  1. your_gur

    fleas on the cat- put 1 drop of dawn dishwashing liquid in the bath water. Thats all it takes. Wash everything that the fleas can lay on. Or put a flea gel on the cat and they won’t bite him anymore.

  2. Lyssa B

    I use revolution on my cats. If the fleas do not have a host they will not survive. I would spray the bedding and vacuuming every day for awhile is the only way to get rid of the eggs. Just make sure to empty the bag or the filter area each time. Keep the drops up on the animals for about three months at least to make sure they are totally gone. I recommend though that you make the drops a every month thing to make sure you never get them again.

  3. nokomogi

    If you use the cheap drops, collar, or shampoo they may not work. Also they wear off after a while so you have to treat your rugs and furniture too in order to prevent them from jumping back onto your cat. Frontline is the best to use. It’s a little expansive but it works very well

  4. huggz

    Use Frontline for cats. It kills the adult fleas AND kills the lavae when they reach adult form. There will be thousands of eggs in your furniture and carpet just waiting to hatch. Treat soft furnishings with a powdered flea killer and hoover it up well after using. Wash all bedding in hot water every week and you get on top of the problem.

  5. missred

    u need nuvantop from your vets it is expensive but you spray your whole house with it then treat your cat with the drop, it kills the eggs for upto three months, its realy good…….

  6. NinjenWV

    If your using over the counter drops they often don’t work well. If you’re using a good product, such as revolution, advantage, or frontline, and still seeing the fleas, this is an indication of an infestation of the environment. Here’s is how I handle it. I had a flea infestation once many years ago and I vowed never to let that happen again.
    I have four kitties and live in the country where they go inside and out at will. Never see a flea, I use revolution every month on my pets and treat my yard, just the acre right around the house, not the whole thing. I have never had much success with home remedies for consistent flea prevention. Shampoos and powders kill the fleas on them at the time but don’t repel more from jumping on. You should try frontline (over counter), or revolution (which usually requires a prescription and a neg heartworm test for dogs), and be consistent, use it once a month.
    The eggs fall off and then hatch in your carpets, rugs, bedding, and furniture. You need to go to your local pet store and ask for a spray that is safe for use around your cat and spray the entire house, especially where the cats hang out. Also, putting moth balls in your vacuum cleaner bag or canister will help to kill any eggs, fleas, or larva that are sucked up. Otherwise, they will hatch in the vacuum and crawl out later. If the pet goes outside you should also treat your yard. I use sevin dust. Apply just before a rain shower, or use a hose or sprinkler to wet the lawn immediately after application.
    If the infestation of the home is too bad you may see persistent fleas and need to treat more than once, or call a professional. I know it’s a lot of work, but once you’ve got them bad it can be expensive to fix. Also, once your cat is flea free, if she continues scratching a lot, then she may need to see the vet. They can develop a topical, or skin infection from digging themselves. Good luck
    Edit: Flea collars should not be used with any other type of topical treatment such as frontline or revolution. Plus, they just don’t work well, and pose more health risks to the pet than to the fleas

  7. tdjnonst

    keep his hair clean the fleas wont go away right away but dont let him by your hair or you might get it maybe but keep it clean wash it and brush the hair alot…

  8. alltacke

    have you tried the advantage or frontline plus??? dont try generic brands and it is very important you dont wash the cat first!! your supposed to apply the drops without giving them a bath prior to use of the drops!! it says on the directions!!! id say try it again i have found the best luck with the frontline plus!!! good luck!!!

  9. UrBoyIzH

    the fleas are probably all round ur house, u gonna have to spray ur house with this special type of spray. they sell it at home depot.

  10. maur911

    bomb the house, wash all the throw rugs, vacuum the floors & rugs and use a flea shampoo on the cat . You can also give the cat garlic tablets that are for cats and dogs. It is a natural flea repellent and is loaded with vitamin B.

  11. Esmereld

    Did you use a flea bomb in your house to kill the fleas in your carpet and upholstery. If not, the cat is going to get them again and so will you.

  12. candygrr

    you may need to bomb your house……call a pest control in your area. You may need to apply the drops more frequently and/or keep a collar on them….good luck

  13. Sherilynne B

    I use Frontline, available online or from your vet AND Raid house bombs to rid the carpet of the fleas. Wash all bedding too and you will be rid of them soon. Frontline lasts about a month and if you keep using it you won’t have to bomb the house anymore.

  14. Roxy James

    the only thing that works is Advantage and you can only get that from a vet…. all that over the counter stuff is more preventative then for treating a already existing case.

  15. jslavens

    I had the same problem, so here is what i did, I had purchased frontline but its only effective when used for the whole 3 month period otherwise the eggs from the fleas can hatch and the problem starts all over again. Giving a thourough flea bath before you start the frontline is more effective. You might want to purchase a safe flea and tick killer spray to go around your baseboards and your cats bed. I used a product from ace hardware and it was safe to apply to my cat and dog. But i only used it in precaution around my baseboards to control the fleas from jumping off my cat and resting into the cracks. hope this helps you out, it did for me.

  16. giselle

    u wanna know a secret we use with our dogs and cats… u put powdered garlic in there food every day and that makes the fleas go away every1 in our family does it with their pets and it works maybe not imidiatly because it isnt a spot treatment but in a week u will see results..
    hope this helps

  17. skindian

    then the cat should be clear the prob may be in ur house buy a big can of flea spray (maybe a few depending on the size of ur house) and spray ur furniture and carpets paying particular attention along the skirting board near the wall i had this prob with my cat before lol she hated us for a wile after all the treatments we tried but this solved the flea problem, ur house will smell of flea spray for about a week or two afterwards though

  18. Laurie F

    The fleas could have “moved in” to your house by now. They could be living in the carpet, house plants, couch, etc.
    Try using a flea/carpet cleaner powder that you vacuum up. Or look for other house and flea cleaning products in the pet section of Walmart or at Petco.
    Then, use the collar or pills to maintain a flea-free cat and home. 🙂

  19. missanti

    shampoo won’t solve the big issue, you need a topical spot on, don’t buy anything you can get at walmart or the grocery stores they can poison you dog. try frontline, it works for a month in cats. it will cost about 40 or so dollars for a 3 month supply but its worth it. you should also have your cat seen by the vet for a fecal exam because its likely that he has tapeworms if he has fleas.

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