My tabby cat has a flea problem, and recently I noticed he has fleas inside his mouth, on his tongue.
This is my 1st cat, and not sure what to do?
Please help.


  1. Thank You Very Much

    To get rid of fleas you will need to purchase Advantage, Frontline or Revolution to put on the back of his neck to get rid of the fleas once a month. Your cat gets them in his mouth from grooming himself.
    Flea control for cats help…
    Cats who eat fleas will get tapeworms so you will need to deworm him additionally, which your vet can do inexpensively.…
    You will also need to deflea your home because they will jump back onto the cat and start the cycle over again. Fleas lay eggs and they hatch two weeks later.
    How to manage flea infestations……
    Any questionable doubts about your cat always call a vet and describe your cat’s symptoms and they can ask you some questions and let you know if kitty needs to come in to be examined.

  2. birdgirl

    Sure your cat might lick up a flea and swallow it (which causes tapeworms)..but cats do not “have” fleas on their tongue, not sure what you are seeing..but it is not fleas.

  3. Chalice

    If you just treat the cat with proper flea treatment they will be gone from all over him. He probably had them in his mouth from grooming himself – this is also a way cats catch tapeworm.
    Get some proper flea treatment from a vets, like Frontline or Revolution. Do not buy any of the flea treatments you can get in pet stores because they don’t work.

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