I found 3 kittens, I’m not sure how old they are but they are tiny and look new. Their mother must have abandoned them because I haven’t seen her come back for them. I’m pretty sure they all have fleas. How do you get rid of them?


  1. Lizzie

    I’m sure your vet can provide you with something safe to use…and also some feeding tubes, etc.

  2. Connie S

    you are ‘pretty sure’ they have fleas, but you don’t know for certain? then you should take them to a vet for a once over.
    Do *not* use **any** product you can buy otc. Most of that stuff is ineffective at best, and toxic at worst. They have been the culprit in many a cat poisonings. Collars are ineffective, and only kill fleas that come in contact with the collar. Collars are also very toxic. don’t waste your money.
    Frontline and Advantage are both very safe and very effective products. You can get both of them from the Vet. the manufactures of both of these products only sell to vets, so anywhere else you can buy them is a secondary source, and the manufactures won’t back their products unless you buy it from the vet. Secondary sources can lead to counterfeit product.
    If you can’t get to the vet soon, then you can use dawn dish washing soap. Lather the kittens up, then let them sit like that for a few minutes to kill the fleas that are on them. It will not prevent new fleas from re infesting the kittens.
    I would stay far away from skin so soft for cats. Cats ingest anything you put on their bodies. It might be ok for dogs and horses and humans, but I’d be very wary of what you put on a cat.

  3. Amy T

    Bathe them of course. You can also try using some sort of anti-flea spray on the carpet and couches, as well as an outdoor spray.
    Please keep them away from the sprayed areas though. The chemicals are harmful to little growing animals (although I do believe that there are more “natural” sprays). So try keeping them in a room while treating the rest of your house or apartment, then waiting several hours and treating the room they were in later.

  4. NoNi

    Please go get some Dawn dish detergent. This will get rid of the fleas. You can not use the stuff in the store if they are new kittens. It may kill them. They are probably already weak from being away from their mom. Flea infestation can kill kittens if its real bad so I’d get on it right away. Just let them soak for as long as it takes. It might take awhile…but it will work.

  5. rachfig9

    Well you could always get a flea collar (cats seem to hate those) or use ointment(which is a bit expensive). I would go to your vet and ask for special pills they have to get rid of fleas. I was amazed because I have three cats and within 20 after they recieved the pill all their fleas started falling off, and although gross, it was affective.

  6. WP Robot Wordpress Autoposter

    Look new? That’s cute! I’d go for the skin so soft answer. It would be safer than flea meds. They are all only pyrethrins anyway that kill whats on them right then and after they dry the fleas are back. Flea collars are junk. And DO NOT use any hartz products please! They are the devil. I’ve seen too many kittens die.
    Keep looking for the mother…she may come back. Are their eyes open?

  7. Michelle

    mine were bathed in an organic dish soap, i’ve heard dove dish soap is good to. it will take a few times. also vacuum the house, edges and everything, get rid of the bag right away, the fleas can get out. you might have to do this for a while until they see a vet. they can help out with age, then i found advantage to work very well.

  8. Goose

    You could buy a flea comb, I’ve used those on small kittens before and they seem to work well. You could also use Pet Meds and buy some gel for fleas…

  9. be right is not always good

    you can try to washing them in water but be careful not to kill them with the water in there mouth

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