My roommate has a dog and he has fleas. The fleas are so bad and now I believe I have them in my hair. How do you rid your hair of fleas? This can be quite embarrasing. I hate the feel of little fleas bitting my feet and ankles.
Thank you


  1. Eleni Arellano

    I read somewhere that certain shampoos can get rid of them. THere are a few brands of dog shampoo that you can use on people as well. Also, try rinsing your hair with lemon juice. They don’t like citrus very much.

  2. Jennifer C

    More than likely, you don’t have fleas. Fleas do not like human hair. It could be your imagination or you could have lice.

  3. msmoobab

    first wash the dog with flea shampoo and get a flea collar or drops then wash your hair with the same thing then your reg shampoo also get some flea spray or carpet powder and sprinkle vacuum and empty the bag or canister next wash everything that will fit in the washer and dry it at least twice (heat kills fleas) don’t forget shoes and socks if all this helps you should know that a dog that goes outside for more than 5 mins a day is going to have a few fleas buy the dog some meds if you hate it think about how he feels make sure the dog gets a bath at least once a week this will also help you as well as the dog

  4. robmurphy597`

    Jennifer C. just to let you know people can get fleas in there hair there are some fleas that like people hair of a host.

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