I have an outdoor cat who just gave birth to three kittens about seven weeks ago. I called a bug remover, and he said he didn’t have anything that would work without hurting my kittens, because they are so young. I don’t want to bring all four of them inside because they have been hanging around the fleas for a while, and I don’t need fleas in my house. How do I get rid of the fleas without hurting my cats?


  1. GoatWoma

    Go to your local garden store and buy nematodes for your yard. These little beasties live only on fleas. When all the fleas are dead, the nematodes die. They will not harm any other critters.
    Also, talk to your vet. S/he may have something you can use on mama and the kittens when you take kittens in for their first shots.

  2. awish

    pet shops do tablets for cat to rid them of fleas.crush up three tabs into powder mix with water into a small dropper and squeeze into each throat.or if they eating mix into their food, starts working after about 20 mins after,do twice a week then prb solved. hope this helps.

  3. cookie

    you need to put advantage on the momma cat, check the package to see if the kittens are old enough for it. for details: see kill fleas :

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