We just moved into a beautiful apartment which seems so perfect. Of course, a catch-FLEAS!!! How can we nix the issue for good?


  1. Dare2create Motivational Videos

    We buy the raid foggers.We set one off in about all the rooms and hall ways.You leave it all closed up for about 4 hrs.then raise your windows for about 1 hr. You don’t have to empty cabinets,or any of that other.We take cushions off furniture.We do this 2xs a year.It works great

  2. SweetP

    An old remedy..sprinkle alot of table salt all over your carpet, let it set for a bit,then vacuum over and over,as much as possible. Its cheap,and it does work..

  3. sparky39

    first contact your landlord, he should have an exterminator come by or should use a flea bomb (fumigator type thing) in your apartment. If you’re gonna use a fumigator type thing, make sure the furnace is off, may want to shut gas off if gas in apartment, take yourself and any kids, family members, pets and leave for the night. Also don’t leave any food sitting out. Depending on your landlord/tenant laws, the landlord may have to pay for the fumigation and putting you up for a night at a hotel. Take lots of pictures and document everything.

  4. jgorman9

    Depending on the product you might need to have to treat for fleas several times because of the eggs hatching at a latter date. I would defiantly go the the landlord or management company and ask them to fix this problem. If possible take pictures or have a pest company come out and give a written inspection and estimate. Also write a letter to the landlord to notify him/her of the problem. If you move out and the landlord has to treat for fleas he could possibly charge your sectary deposit for the service if you dint have something proving the opposite.
    On a side note make sure you make a detail list of all pre existing damages in your rental. Be as specific as possible. It could be very useful when you move out and the landlord is doing the move out inspection and possibly charging your security deposit.

  5. dk

    There are various sprays you can buy, but you should be able to get your landlord to spring fro a full fumigation.

  6. Isabel

    Bombing definitely works. Just put one in each room before you go leave for work. When you get home in the evening air out the house for a few hours. That should get rid of them.

  7. dropperg

    you really need to bomb it – spend the night in a hotel and buy some bombs at walmart/hardware store… that is the fastest way to get rid of them all at once…

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