my son has developed what we think to be flea bites, he has 33 at last count. how do we get rid of the fleas? will they die eventually or do i nee to hire somone to come? he got them all while sleeping


  1. mother2t

    Could be fleas or bedbugs (yuck). You need to figure out for sure what you are dealing with. Has he been bitten while just playing in his room or only in bed? Alhtough fleas will come in and bite you in bed, it is my experience with fleas that you will get bit whether you’re in bed or just in the room.
    First I would try a flea trap and see what you catch. You can buy one at a pet supply or farm store or make your own. Hang a 7-15 watt light bulb with a reflective metal shade about 8-12 inches over a pie plate with 1/2 inch of water and about a teaspoon of dish soap. Run it day and night for a couple of days (keeping the room as dark as possible during the day). Fleas will be attracted to the light thinking it a warm-blooded food source, they jump toward the light and land in the soapy water. The dish soap breaks the water’s surface tension otherwise the flea would skip across the surface and escape. Check the trap(s) a couple of times a day to see if you’ve caught anything. If you find that you do have fleas, there are several previous posts on getting rid of them. Here’s a link to one:;…
    If it ends up that you don’t find fleas my next guess would be bedbugs. Especially if your son is only getting bitten at night while in bed. I don’t have any advice for you on that as I haven’t had to deal with bedbugs (knock on wood).

  2. odzooker

    Flea bombs–in general, one per room or so. Follow the instructions exactly; get out and take your pets with you for several hours, and prepare to clean thoroughly when you return. I also use a trigger flea spray on all upholstered furniture, especially sofa beds, and spray the undersides and backs, too.

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