ok, my bunny has fleas, but every website i’ve been to says i can’t give it a bath. what should i use.


  1. Meredith A

    You can give your rabbit a bath. First off, how old is your rabbit? And when you give this bath..the water should be lukewarm and dont get the rabbit’s face wet. You need to keep the rabbit warm, so after the bath I suggest you place a heater near the cage and turn it on slightly, otherwise he/she will be shivering. Also make sure you use rabbit shampoo. They sell it at pet stores. And be sure to rinse all the shampoo off good and gently towel dry he/she good 🙂

  2. cub_love

    Although you can bathe your rabbit they really don’t like it and it can be extremely stressful for them. You should be able to get a flea powder designed for rabbits from your local petshop.

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