He is an indoor cat and has never been outside. We moved to a new house recently. The previous occupants had pets. I think he got fleas when we moved into the new house. He has been scratching uncontrollably ever since we moved. I bathed him in flea shampoo but he is still itching all the time.



  1. Amira N

    I have experience with this !! I had same problem.. my cat whom I have had for 5 years or so… when I moved into new home she got fleas veryyyy badly I tried everyhing from collars from powder and nothing worked….. there is only one way to do it.. go to: pedmed.com and get the flea medication there called advantage it works !!!!!!!! its not cheap but works 🙂 it also rids your home of them also.. whereever your cat is at there is fleas.. it kills them too :))))) good luck !!

  2. geo

    you can get rid of that by fleas spray but in the future take care about cleaning the cat with soap everyday

  3. sarah o

    It may not be a flea problem causing him to scratch so much. He may be alergic to something in the house. You may need to use a medicated shampoo for him that gets rid of fleas but at the same time will treat dry skin caused from allergies.

  4. famous

    spray the house with die flea or some kind of insect repellent before you get rid of the fleas on the cat, worry about the environment first, or your not really getting any where!
    you know what I mean?

  5. aiguyaig

    Borax Eliminates Fleas
    Mix four parts of Borax with one part of salt, and sprinkle over your carpet. The mixture gets down amongst the fibers, and dehydrates the fleas and eggs, and prevents them re-hatching. This works great, and it is much more effective and cheaper than “flea bombs.”
    Some parents prefer to keep Borax away children. Especially if the children crawl or play on the carpets.
    Bring the cats to her vet and get a Program injection every six months.
    Treat all four pets with Frontline spray monthly.
    The total cost of this program is less than thirty dollars a month.

  6. heluvagi

    I had problems with my indoor cats getting fleas while I lived in an apartment. I tried everything I could to get rid of them and get them out of the apartment. I bathed them with flea bath, I used a store-bought flea fogger, I even bathed the cats and then took them to someone elses’ house while the exterminator came to professionally fog the apartment. Nothing worked.
    Unfortunately, the thing that worked the best was also the most expensive. I took the cats to the vet and she prescribed Frontline plus- a topical flea medicine you put on the cat, between its shoulder blades. It not only got rid of the fleas on the cat, but we didn’t have any more fleas in the rest of the apartment either.
    It was a shame that I had to pay for the exam at the vet as well as the medicine, but it was well worth the money to get rid of the fleas.

  7. amarmic

    If they’re still in the house he could be getting reinfected. The best way we always got rid of fleas was to 1) give the cats flea baths and 2) have the house fumigated!

  8. Sapphire

    first off to the person like 1 or 2 replies above me, it’s “a shame” to have to take your cat to the vet? whats wrong with you? when you take an animal in you are responsible for everything about it, including medicals!
    “man is responsible for that which we tame” authur unknown
    Second, if he is scratching uncontrollably, check to see if you can actually see the fleas or flea dirt. If you don’t, I’ve found the cheapest flea removal is dawn dishsoap, any kind works. And it’s easy on the skin as well, you can also get the kind that moisturizes the hands as you do dishes if your cat has sensitive or dry skin.
    If you cat continues to scratch there might be some kind of cleaner that you are using to clean the house with that is irritating him, try switching all cleaners to a mix of vinager and water (yes, vinager is a natural antibacterial cleaner, so it will work on everything from kitchen counters, toilets, and even in a wet vac for carpets).
    If thats not it, try taking your kitty to the vet for allergy tests and maybe a flea dip as a just in case.

  9. Corinniq

    You need to get flea medication from a vet — something like Advantage or Revolution, which you rub between the shoulder blades. This is the safest and most effective way to treat for fleas. If there are fleas in the house, however, you need to get rid of them in the house, otherwise you will have to continue to put Advantage on each month. Fleas can live in the carpeting for a long time without any animals at all in the house. Your vet can advise you on how to get the fleas out of the environment.
    By the way, most of the flea treatments they sell over the counter are dangerous, and can even kill a cat. These treatments are toxic chemicals and you need to be very careful. Also, it has been my experience that flea baths only lead to clean fleas — who have had an enjoyable swim.

  10. sophylak

    did you actually see fleas or flea dirt?? i would bring him to the groomer for a flea bath.. in the meantime go to your local pet store and get a Flea bomb for the house.. follow instructions and you should be ok.. if that doesn’t cure the fleas go to petmeds and get frontline plus for cats.. if you don’t see fleas maybe he has allergies.

  11. superlis

    You have to treat everything. Carpets, bedding, furniture, etc. It will be difficult, but stick with it and do it all in one day.

  12. allyalex

    Advantage works better then anything else. You can buy it from your vet. It should get rid of all the fleas, cause basically it makes any flea that bites your cat drop dead.
    Flea collars and baths don’t work overly well and can irritate your kitty.

  13. Scoots

    Your vet has a treatment that you put on the back of their necks. It works really well. Don’t use any “homemade” remedies you hear about. A lot of them are toxic to cats, even if they sound “natural”. For instance, grapes, raisins, carrots, peas, garlic, ginger are all toxic to kitties. And of course, chocolate.

  14. KathyS

    I had the same problem when I moved in. You have to treat the house too. Get the cat Frontline plus. It’s works like a charm. Place a flea collar or flea powder in your vaccum bag and vaccum every square inch of your home. If you are not being bit, than it’s not such a hassle but at my house, we were covered in hundreds of bites.

  15. Just Me

    Maybe he is getting reinfested. Maybe you should have an exterminator in and get him a flea collar as well.

  16. Believe

    Do you know that he has flees for sure? You could be giving him shampoo that is making it worse. I just moved recently too and the previous owner owned cats and my cats got mange…..they itched all the time. I had to take them all in for special baths that only the vet can do….make sure its flees first before you give the cat anything more.

  17. Defender

    Shave one half of your cat, then light the other half on fire, and beat them with a hammer as the run from the flames.
    If you don’t want to go that route you can usually get rid of them with a few applications of Advantage. But it at the pet store, It comes in little tubes and you put a few drops in the back of your cats neck. It’s kind of oily, but it will absorb into your cats coat and you repeat it after a few weeks 2-3 times and it should get rid them. You may also want to keep checking around his butt for worms. You will need to take him to a vet to get a shot or a pill to get rid of the worms.

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