My husband just brought home a cute little kittens. She’s infested with flras, so we bought this big bottle of Dee-flea shampoo stuff. A girl who works at a pet store said we should get it. We’ve already dipped her like 4 times. The fleas don’t die, we just have to try and pick them out ourselves when the fur is wet, by our fingersor the flea comb. They just won’t go away, I feel so bad for her. We’re getting there, but is there a better way, and advice???


  1. Great Dane Lover

    Do NOT ever use ANY OTC flea meds on ANY cat especially a kitten. They are highly potent pesticides and can cause neurological problems, seizures and death. Don’t even use safe products like Advantage & Frontline on a kitten under 8 weeks old. The only safe way to rid a young kitten of fleas is to use a flea comb. Comb the kitten and put any fleas & flea debris in a container of hot water or rubbing alcohol and then flush down the toilet. Also be advised as long as there are fleas in the enviornment there wil lbe fleas on your kitten no matter what you use. Don’t use bombs as they are a waste and don’t get the areas where fleas are. Vacumn your house thoroughly every day.Throw away the bag in an outside trash container after each use.
    (Also dipping 4 times is WAY tooo much..this is far to much toxins to put on any cat especially a kitten!!)

  2. Sydney

    Try a flea powder or ask a local vet. Depending on the age of the kitten you maybe able to get frontline, which works very well.

  3. girlycd

    I totally agree with Earl E. Cats are very sensitive to pyrethrins (the most common insecticde in flea meds). You can very easily poison this kitten. See the Veterinarian about some thing safe for your kitten. OTC flea meds can be HIGHLY toxic to cats and kittens. And flea dips are just like you putting poison all over your body and not rinsing it off. Hmmmmm

  4. joythegr

    Probably advantage or frontline. You can only get it from your vet. And don’t use the whole tube if it’s a kitten. You may not be able to use any flea control til it’s a little older. Good luck!!

  5. allyson

    Please stop traumatizing the poor kitten and take it to a vet. There is really no over-the-counter remedy for a major infestation. Especially DO NOT use Hartz flea control drops. Ever.
    The reason they won’t go away is because your efforts are futile. There are probably enough of them NOT on her that they will continue to come back until you take professional steps.

  6. misslabe

    Be carefull you could poison the kitten. Check with the vet and get some flea medication for it.

  7. ee_morni

    That is why I tell people that the flea shampoos, etc at Walmart’s, PeteSmart, etc are not really good. When I get that stuff, I go to a local FEED store…. most cities have them.. it is a store that sells medicines, feeds, bridles, etc for horses, cows, etc and also have GOOD flea… mange….etc medicines for cats and dogs.. That is the only place where I go. You might want to consider giving her a sarcoptic mange rub down.. That will kill anything on the kitty(using the liquid sarcoptic mange requires the use of gloves, etc) but I am sure they have a good flea medicine or powder

  8. norman77

    Get Frontline from your vet. Kills the fleas on the animal and stops an infestation in your house otherwise you waste a lot of money on shampoos and fumigating your house

  9. Beckee

    Take the kittens to a vet. They will recommend a cream or pill or some type of treatment that should work on them. Good Luck!

  10. kpteen10

    You will probably do what your doing until your old and gray, you have to break the flea cycle, and treating the fleas you see leaves a huge potential for a continuing problem.
    Out on the market is a program called ” program injectable ” . It’s an injection that’s given and your kitten is old enough if it is weaned, the ijection usu sally ;lasts about 6 weeks. Contact your vet about this program.
    Or try flea collars, sprays, powders but I find that these don’t usually get at the source. Choose treatment that contains IGRs ( insect growth regulators) which interrupt a flea’s life cycle. Without IGRs, the flea eggs will hatch every 21 days, making the problem more so.
    Treat also, the inside of your home and yard for eggs and larvae. Check your little kitten regularly especially around the base of her tail and on her belly. Look for anything that resembles dirt pieces, almost like pepper like specks. If the dirt turns red when water is added, you’ve got fleas.
    Anyway, I would recommend for you to phone your vet about ” Program Inject able “. Hope that you can beat this problem, all the best.

  11. trieghto

    depending on her age if she is under 12 weeks flea dip is too strong for her …you need to stop the flea stuff and just give her a warm bath and becareful because the fleas are going to run to her face and ears…this will drown the fleas and just keep wiping her face with a washcloth to kill the ones on her face

  12. superste

    Never use any shampoo’s or flee removers or preventors on kittens. Especially outdoor ones. It can often times kill them. The best thing to do is take them to local vet and they will give them stuff that willl get the flees off and a comb to get flees out ov their fur. You shouldn’t bathe them at a young age either cuz hypothermia may set in and they could die. If kittens arent kept warm then they will most likely die so that is the num1 thing u wana look out 4.

  13. street04

    Call the vet and they can give you a pill that stops fleas, ticks, and someother things, I think one or two pills is good for like threee monthes.
    and it was only like ten dollars
    the fleas will bite her and become infected and fall off. it worked for last fleas season with our cat.

  14. NKJ24

    Ok from what I was told by my local vet any kitten under 12 weeks cannot have a pill or drops nor any of that powder…I was told to put them in luke warm water and rub them down with Joy or Dawn dish soap then rinse them off. I have done this and it works. If ya keep it up with the drops and powders and flea shampoo you can kill them!…Please stop save the money and try a bottle of dishsoap you be surprised!

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