cat got alot of fleas, so do the babies. don’t know how to get rid of them without hurting babies


  1. shylilly

    a sprinkle of garlic powder in the food and water will get ride of fleas its safe and won’t hurt the kittens a vet told us to use it and we did got ride of the fleas to and garlic powder is cheap and u can buy it anywere
    good luck

  2. M C

    Don’t use any flea products on the mother because shes nursing, and you can’t use any on the kittens u.ntil they are at least 8 weeks of age. Sorry to say, but the only way is to use a flea comb and manually get rid of them until the kittens are weened and 8 weeks old.

  3. nikki_06

    You can use advantage or revolution, use it on Mom and it will treat the kittens without being applied to them.

  4. Jaded Ruby

    Geez….I don’t know where some of these incompetent vet techs come from. It IS safe to use a product like Advantage , following proper dosing on the back of a queen’s neck. whether she be pregnant or nursing. However…because she is in close contact with her kittens…she is all you need to treat. The kittens must not be treated. Within 12-14 hours you will see the fleas poisoned and dying. Your queen is then covered for 4 weeks barring you do not bathe her , therby causing the product to lose it’s efficacy. Re-apply every 4 weeks…..and this will be a problem of the past.

  5. Selene Corvin

    The kittens feed from mum so the stuff that you may have been plannin to put on your cat will get in thier mouths and give them a bad lung conndition!

  6. riivvers

    I’m having a problem with fleas myself.
    A few people I know have told me to use Baking Powder. Use it on Carpets and the pets.
    Another lady told me Tea Tree Oil. Its a natural Flea repellent its completely natural, its also good for healing there flea bits and yours. She said she puts some in a spray bottle with water and sprays that around. Should old cost about 5 bucks.

  7. atrickyc

    since this is a serious problem, you should really call a vet, if you need i’ll give you my vets #… they aren’t all about the money… so they will suggest something other than meds or something out ragious!

  8. Bre

    DO NOT PUT ANY CHEMICALS ON THAT CAT. my cat just had a litter, it is safe to use dawn dish soap on them. and it is ok to use the soap on the kittens at about 3 weeks old, or when there eyes open. if you want to double check with ur vet about the soap go ahead. but my vet in spokane actually reccomended it to me. it works great. just soak the fur to the skin and apply a lot of soap to everywhere, be careful of the eyes, ok to use on head and let soak for 10-15 minutes. the wash off ALL of the soap. and they use a flea comb to comb away any dead fleas left on the body. it works great.

  9. marine30

    Fleas do not like anything citrus. I just got done bottle raising 3 kittens since they where four days old and my vet told me I could not put anything on them but that if I bathed them once a week with a citrus shampoo it would help. I also took this one step further and bathed there bedding in citrus laundry detergent, it worked pretty well. I still had a few fleas but that was it. Good luck!

  10. Music Producer

    i gave my pregnant cat frontline, the vet said it was okay. Babies cant get it until they are 8 weeks. The mom will clean off the babies as best she can. Give the mother cat front line and the fleas that bite her will die and hopefully she can get them off the kittens. you can wash them off with water, fleas will drown, BUT only if the mother cat is okay and wont freak out. (If the kittens as more than afew days old) Fleas can kill kittens because they become anemic so its important to get rid of them. I would call your vet.

  11. sassy2sl

    Best thing to do it call your vet and ask, because if you buy anything is going to say not to use it on animals under 8 weeks of age and consult a vet….so just consult a vet first!

  12. Village Idiot

    A flea collar, or tri-monthly drops should work fine… they’e both topical and won’t affect the milk.
    I would also recommend bathing her first, with mild soap and water.

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