i have a pet mouse and i think he might have fleas. they are so bad hes itching and cutting himself.
i cant find anything please help!



  1. Daniel is due 27/3/09

    he could possibly have mites instead of fleas which is unlikely.
    you have two options one is go to your pet shop and buy mite treatment in either a spray or pippets or take him to the vet for injections

  2. pixieotr

    use a cat flea shampoo, make sure to disinfect his cage and your room at the same time or they will move to you and re-infest him

  3. Chalice

    If he had fleas, you’d see them – mice are tiny, and fleas are huge in comparison!
    It’s much more likely the mouse has mites. Take him to a vet to pick up some proper treatment – you can use stuff from a pet shop, just don’t expect it to actually work! Pet stores aren’t licensed to sell medication, just silly stuff dressed up as medication.

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