my freind and her family just bought a home and the yard had been dry for so long there were strays living under it so the yard tended to have millions of fleas.she has tried lyme and soaking the yard. can anyone suggest something inexpensive to get rid of them. she had the gas man come to her home to fix a leak and he ran from the backyard to his truck spraying himself all over due to the millions of fleas in the back and threatend to report her, but she is trying to find something, whereas she has never dealt with this she doesnt even have a pet. she has three children whom one had to be rushed to the hospital for an allergic reaction from the bites. and the kids are very young so now they cant even enjoy the outside until this is resolved. so can anyone help me to help her thank you.


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    You can go to a L&G center and buy Ortho MAX lawn insect killer. The active ingredient is bifenthrin in case they don’t carry Ortho. It’s around $11 to do 10,000 sq ft. (That’s 2 average city lots.) Put it down with a fert spreader according to instructions and your problems should be over.
    By the way, diazinon has been banned in the US. You can’t buy it anymore.

  2. sukesgir

    Its a serious problem and she isn’t going to find an easy fix. She needs to look for a pest control expert. Call a couple and get some estimates. Ask around the area and see if others have the same problems. Maybe if a neighbor or two has the same problem they can get a deal getting it fixed. If she has children she needs to put them first.

  3. reynwate

    Diazanon. It is safe for use around children and pets. You can spread it with a push type applicator or hand broadcast it. The packaging will tell you the area it will treat. You may want to set off bombs (available at Walmart in multi packs) inside the house also.

  4. CJ65

    “The easiest and cheapest thing to do is call for a professional pest control company to come treat lawn and house.”
    So they’ll tell you it’s kid friendly just so they can spray their poison all over your yard and no telling what that will expose the children to. If you are going to use something where children will be playing, try finding diatomaceous earth. It’s an organic treatment for fleas and really does work. This page explains more about it: And those kids won’t have to be wondering why they have cancer thirty years from now.

  5. The mom

    The easiest and cheapest thing to do is call for a professional pest control company to come treat lawn and house. Otherwise you just spend a ton in purchasing sprays and powders that really don’t work. The live fleas will die with the first hard frost, but they lay eggs that will just hatch out again in the spring. The professionals will kill the living, the eggs, and leave a residue to prevent newcomers. They can even use stuff that’s child friendly. It’s worth it, trust me. We had a major outbreak in our neighborhood, and the only people to get rid of theirs were those who called professionals. Those who stuck with the supermarket and home help store sprays and bombs just suffered.

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