I have a puppy and I am trying to crate train him but every time I put him in his crate he starts howling and barking. How do I get him to like being in his crate? Or is it something that I should ignore?


  1. mjaynes2

    When crate training my puppies I put a safe chew toy(stuffed kong) in with them and leave them. The most important part of crate training is to never approach the crate or let the puppy out when it is making noise. This means letting them howl. I do check on them to make sure they are all right (no pinched toes or something) but it is a quick visual check and then I leave. To get the pup out of the crate I wait in the living room until it has been quiet for a while. I stand up and walk down the hall toward my room with the crate. If there is any noise from the pup I go back to the living room and the process starts again. Pups quickly realize barking causes me to go away.

  2. Meg

    You can never get a dog to like crate training, think of it this way, would you ever grow to like crate training if you were being put in a cage just big enough for you to stand in for a couple hours a day. Even if it’s not fun, it’s something you should do. Just ignore your dog, the more you listen to them the more they think they can get you to do what they want. When you don’t ignore them, dogs think they can get what they want by whining and they will do it more.

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    It’s best to start out leaving the crate open and maybe put a treat inside. Dogs are naturally greedy and he’ll definitely investigate if there is something in there. Put something comfy for him to lay on, unless he’s the type to chew it up and risk choking. Keep the crate someplace where he can see everyone and still feels like he’s with the family. After he gets used to the inside, then close the door and see how he does. If he whines you have to ignore it, tell him to stop, but don’t give in. Otherwise you’ll be teaching him to just whine and you’ll let him out. At night put a treat in and close the door. He’ll probably start to whine once he eats the treat, but you’ll have to ignore it. Tough love, but he’ll stop eventually.

  4. Whittey

    wellll like a baby he craves attention……IGNORE IT. if you take him out every time he cries he will continue that behavior…of course he is not going to like crate training but its necessary amd unfortunately the crying comes with the package.

  5. Katelyn

    TREATS TREATS TREATS AND MORE TREATS. Also, a sheet over the crate to make it a little darker sometime helps too.
    Good luck!!!

  6. Ken

    thats normal for a week or so.a alarm clock that makes ticking sound helps sounds like the mothers heart beat to them and stuffed animal to sleep with this all together works well

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