I have an indoor / outdoor cat that I am having a hard time keeping fleas off of. I use Capstar pills and Frontline Plus, but it only seems to work for just a few days. Any suggestions?


  1. Kat

    Capstar is only effective for 24 hours and only kills adult fleas. But you can use that as often as you need.
    But if the frontline isn’t working the fleas in your area may be used to it. Try another topical like Advantage or the new Promeris and see if that doens’t do them in.

  2. sdr1463

    Advantage is a really good product that I use on all my cats. For those that are indoor/outdoor, I prefer to use the flea collar as well as the treatment. It usually seems to keep the majority of the fleas off of them. You also may have fleas in your house from your cat and they can usually only be solved with a flea bomb, if the infestation of severe.

  3. crabbyla

    If the cat is over 12 weeks then get some good cat shampoo and bathe the cat not easy to do , but needs to be done and then clean pet bedding or anything else the cat sleeps or gets on. Repeat the shampooing every 2 weeks until you see that the fleas are gone. Then wait for about 4 weeks and then put either a flea collar around the cat or get some Hartz flea control and use that every month.

  4. WP Robot Plugin

    do not use flea collars.
    the frontline is working but only if the flea “bites” the animal’s skin.
    I would keep the cat strictly indoors. We have 3 cats, since we have put them on advantage and never let them outside I have not seen one flea in the last year!

  5. Niteride

    you can not totally eradicate fleas around pets!! however, you can reduce their presence through fleas repellents, spraying in and out of house, and cleanliness, etc.

  6. Skateboarder Chick

    you can use advantage and/or some flea repellants.and maybe you could try to keep him inside or let him outside less often

  7. tarotrea

    Flea collars, and you could have an exterminator come by that sprays for fleas and ticks and whatnot too. That’s what we did.

  8. Siamese-

    talk to your vet about that, and she will explain the life cycle of the flea, and why they are so hard to control,

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