my dog is a male and 9months old,he is from a shelter, and were crate training him. well this morning and yesterday morning he went poo in his kennel, and there not supposed to poo or urine where they sleep. what can i do to prevent that…or what is the next step?


  1. Patsy A

    In the shelter he had no choice but to defecate where he slept. Take him out frequently for potty breaks. Don’t expect immediate results from a dog that has been traumatized.

  2. CF_

    ok dogs will poop more if fed lower quality food (any from grocery store / Wal Mart etc.. becuase these foods contain so much filler your dog needs to eat more and will have more waste.. a dog on a good food will only poop once a day (morning) and occassionally only every 2 days.. (good foods are only sold in pet supply stores – but you must read the lable because not all expensive foods are good – eg. by-products are a cheap filler, beaks feet and feathers NEVER buy a food containing by-products)
    ok first thing in the am the dog will pee.. then in to eat then out to run and poop – running stimulates the bowels – so if your dog is pooping at night its probably because he didnt get enough excercise in the day…OR becuase you are feeding him too late at night
    feed him around 4-5 hours before bed time – remove uneaten food within 30 minutes of putting it down – no treats etc after that, and provide a good run before bed time… make sure your dog isnt in the kennel overnight more than 9 hours..

  3. Gene H

    Dogs need to be put in kennels that are small enough for them. Depending on your dog’s weight, you can use this info:
    * Extra small crates fit dogs 12 pounds and under
    * Small crates dogs to 25 pounds
    * Medium dog crates fit dogs 25-40 pounds
    * Large hold up to 80 pounds
    * Breeds such as Collies, Dobermans and Great Danes, need XL and XXL dog crates accommodating 90-100, and up to 130 pounds

  4. Beautifu

    The kennel may be too big. He may poo in one end and sleep in the other. The kennel should only be big enough for him to stand up, turn around and lie down. Also do not wait until the last minute to get up and take him out. Dogs usually wake up around 7am and just like when people wake up, the first thing we have to do is use the bathroom and so do dogs. Try getting up earlier to take him out. Also get him on a set scheldule. By the end of the week, he should be ready to go use the bathroom at a schelduled time like clockwork. Also make sure that he goes out for a good 15 minutes at night before you put him in his kennel or plan to have him in there for 5 hours or more. Hope this helps

  5. phoenix web design

    You have to make sure your kennel is small enough. If it’s too big, he’ll poop on one side and sleep on the other. If it’s smaller, he won’t be able to do that and he’ll whine/bark when he needs out, which will alert you to take him outside. It will help him learn. But the crate has to be small enough. You can get dividers for the crate if it’s a big one.

  6. paintedr

    Are you taking him outside for potty time before crating him? If not, then do so.
    Do not feed him right before crating him, and do not crate him for long periods of time (preferably, if he has to be crated for more than 4 hrs, I’d suggest having a friend/family member come by and take him outside for some potty relief).

  7. Yasing

    I would make sure you dog had a long walk before you put them in the crate to ensure they empty their tanks. If you left him overnight and found it in the morning, maybe he needed to get out for a break before you go to sleep. Dogs usually do not defecate in their crate ( or den) as this is their sleeping area and that is instinctive.

  8. sarah13s

    You should only allow them enough space in their kennels to turn around and lay down. They will poo if there is enough room to do thier business and move away from it.
    My friend was having this problem for over a year. She finally made the cage smaller and it has stopped completely.
    As the dog gets older, has better control over the body, and stops using the bathroom, you can remove the divider and give it more space.

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