I am getting a Holland Lop next week. She is a beautiful 8 week smoke pearl. I have a dog, three cats, and two ferrets and all of them are on a monthly flea treatment or they get infested. (I live in a foresty area) How do I prevent her from getting fleas? My ferrets split a tube of advantage. Could she use Advantage too? Thankx for the help!


  1. oregano1

    Talk to your vet about the appropriate product to use. While seemingly safe for adult rabbits (there have been deaths reported, however), Advantage is NOT safe on a rabbit under 6 months of age. Program or Revolution may be a more appropriate choice for your bunny. Never use Frontline or Sentinal, or any flea dust or bath available over the counter. Rabbits are incredibly sensitive to chemicals, so you should consult with a vet prior to using any sort of chemical product on them for any reason.

  2. MJF

    Don’t give the rabbit anything while it’s still young, unless it becomes infested. If you need to, use something suitable for kittens- but try to avoid it if possible.
    Once the rabbit is older (about 6 months) you can safely use Revolution (for cats) on it. I use these on my rabbits and it also takes care of ear mites at the same time. I find I only need to dose the rabbits once every three months at the most – and then only in the warmer months – I don’t have an issue with fleas in cooler weather.

  3. Bobby

    A very helpful thing to know is that she is not scratching or biting.
    Dust your rabbit with 5% carbaryl insecticide (a common brand name is 5% Sevin Dust) working the dust down through Bunny’s thick fur to the skin. Bunny might try to lick some of it off; assuming he doesn’t go overboard, this is probably all right. Most of the powder is just a carrier agent, and there’s very little of the active ingredient in the mix. Another important warning from the San Diego HRS: “There are “all natural” flea powders sold at many pet and health food stores and in catalogs. These powders mainly contain pennyroyal (very poisonous), peppermint, eucalyptus or other herbs. Do not assume that these are safe just because they are in a health food store or are herbal. Herbs and “natural” products contain chemicals, such as the chrysanthemum derivative pyrethrin, designed to kill insects or fungi; they can also have lethal effects on mammals. Some of these herbs may even be safe for humans to eat, but can kill rabbits.”
    Room sprays. According to the HRS national office, this may be the best way to go. A good flea spray can kill fleas and eggs in a room for up to six months after treatment. These are available at grocery or hardware stores and are safe for animals, as long as the animals are removed from the room during treatment and kept out of the area for 24 hours following the spray. Be sure to read the specific directions on the back of the can.
    I hope this helped! Thank You

  4. camille g

    As long as your other animals are treated do not treat the rabbit unless you ahve a bad infestation they will not attack the rabbit.
    NEVER use topical flea treatment on rabbits I ahve seen it kill and blind many rabbits vets are not commonly trained in rabbits and they have even told us to use topical treatment and then we talked to a breeder after our rabbit became blind form getting it in his eyes because of their constant grooming. anyway you can use ivermect oral and that will prevent/treat flees.
    hope that helps

  5. Ryan M

    Here is a link on everything you need to know about fleas and rabbits. I suggest reading all of it. Long story short though, is that Advantage made by Bayer is the ONLY safe topical treatment for rabbits. Small or dwarf rabbits can use a half tube of advantage, adult rabbits can take a full dose.
    You have quite a handful of pets (like me =] ) show them to us here!
    Sign up for free; it is a great pet community where everyone shares pictures, advice, and everything like that. There are some real experts on there so you can ask them your pet questions there. I know sure a lot of people on there have gone through what you are going through, so they can help as well.

  6. ♥bunny luva♥

    I have two rabbits. My advice is to use the flea powder that cats use cause rabbits are usually able to use those. Oh, and rabbits are ferrets common enemy…… I think.

  7. Sandra R

    You will need to call your vet about this. It will depend on a lot of things include their weight. I’ve never used Advantage on rabbits but that doesn’t mean that it couldn’t or shouldn’t work.

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