First, do not say anything about the age. It’s really annoying.
Anyways, my puppy has fleas and I was wondering how do you remove them? We can’t take him to the vet right now so I was wondering what I could use at home.
Also, HOW. Like, what steps do I need to do?
If you could help, that would be great. Thanks!


  1. porker70

    You have to be very careful treating such a young puppy for fleas, you can do untold damage if you use the wrong or too stronger stuff.
    If you can not get to your vet, can you not ring him and ask his advice?
    If he is a true animal lover – I am think he will give you some tips.

  2. Elena

    Give him a meal of brown rice, some cooked garlic, a bit of vegetable oil, some shredded carrots, a few small chunks of apple, and a vitamin/mineral supplement powder. I’ve found that one night of this meal should help repel fleas. I also suggest buying an Anibio clip and putting it on his collar, and using fleabusters rx around the house. Bath your puppy with rosemary oil and all the fleas should be gone.

  3. Charlie

    For 6 week old puppies, do Not use any type of Flea shampoo on your puppies, as this can kill them.

    I was told by a good friend that raises dogs, and her suggestion is to use a tiny, and I do mean tiny drop of Original Dawn dish soap and warm water. Make sure you have a nice warm towel and a nice warm blanket and heater standing by.

    We just bought a puppy from some people and when we got him home were shocked at how many HUGE fleas this baby has on him. 🙁

    We gave him a bath, did the dish soap treatment and killed well over 90% of the fleas.

    Hope this helps.

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