I recently adopted an adult dog from the animal shelter and she is NOT potty trained. My other two dogs are, and I’ve trained several puppies, but this is the first time I’ve gotten an adult dog that obviously has never been indoors. I’m asking for help, not suggestions to take her to a trainer. I’m trying to do this myself. Thanks 😀


  1. Jennifer V

    House Training for Dummies was a huge help to me when training our dog. It covers all the how-to’s. Really, any of the answers you get will only cover the basics – this book will cover it all.
    The best thing would be to start with the basics of crate training, just like you would a puppy. Old dogs can learn new tricks. But you will need to be patient. It is harder to *unlearn* a bad habit than to create a new, good one.
    You will need a crate big enough for her to stand up in and turn around in. Then you will need to help her become comfortable with the crate. The basic jist is that you keep the dog in the crate when you can’t watch it and pay adequate attention to the signs that it needs to go potty. So, if you are going to be in the shower – put the dog in the crate. You take the dog out at regular intervals for potty breaks (with rewards to help establish good habits) as well as food and water breaks and time for play and walking. The goal is to help the dog be able to hold it for longer, and be reliable when out of the crate.
    Tips for training: Stay calm, and never, ever punish a dog for something it did when you were not watching it. (Delayed punishment will only create distrust between you and your pooch)
    Good luck!

  2. Patty

    You should train your dog with a proven system. There is a guide I used and got great results. It is called ‘SitStayFetch’…
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    What you will quickly notice with this book is that it’s very well organized. It comes with a detailed table of contents for quick reference. It really helps the user get a quick overview of what’s to come and to also go directly to a specific area of the book they need to look at.
    The content of SitStayFetch is actually used by leading dog training professionals around the world. The solutions to numerous behavioral problems such as barking, aggression, chewing, digging and jumping are offered to the reader in great detail.
    Another great aspect of SitStayFetch is that it allows you to correct an older dog’s retained habits so the saying “you can teach an old dog new tricks” does not apply if you implement the methods found in this book.
    Beside the obedience training commands and tricks you will learn, here are just some issues you can eliminate by using Sit Stay Fetch:
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    – Dealing with 2 dogs in the house
    – Jumping on people and furniture
    – Jealousy
    – Fighting with other dogs
    – Fear of leash
    – Hot weather
    – Separation anxiety
    – Housebreaking and house training
    The SitStayFetch guide contains full color photographs that will help make you own learning process even easier. You can also get a set of 8 videos which will further complement the main guide. With the videos, you will be able to see the dog training techniques in action which is probably the best way to learn the material.
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    You will agree that this appears like a wonderful dog training guide. And I have found out that it really is. My amazing dog has never been so much of a delight!
    Check out my source, hope it’ll help. Good luck!

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