How do you train a dog to stop jumping up at other dogs ? We have a pug border cross.
Do you train it to sit and then tell it to sit when he sees another dog ? Or do you need to do something else ? Can you train him yourself or should you pay for dog training. My dog is around 18 months old and we have only just got him. Any help would be appreciated.


  1. TK

    Get references for obedience trainers in your area from vets, feed and supply stores. Then attend classes in a group setting and listen to the trainer. Do your homework with your dog at a park or large parking lot where there are distractions.
    Your dog is behaving inappropriately towards other dogs because he wasn’t properly socialized or trained. Now you must train him before you can trust him in an off-leash social setting.
    Please do not listen to RDevi. I think that advice is terrible.

  2. RDevi

    u can do it by urself.. dogs were just like kids it understnds, listens and does watever u say….. but all that u have to possess is patience.. teach it again and again.. threaten it with a stick and beat it(jus to create fear of obeying, mind that u dint beat so hard, lse there wer possiblities that it may bite u…!!!!!) 1ce to create the fear and let it know that u will punish if it goes wrong and wen u threaten it it has to obey ur words……
    18months is actualy late to make it learn.. u should teach everything from 3months onwards…. but yet its not too late… but will take time to change its behaviour… teach it with patience…

  3. DaBasset *do not feed trolls*

    Your best bet is to sign up for obedience classes, where he will learn to listen to you in the presence of other dogs.
    Not just one set of classes, keep going until you and your dog REALLY know what you are doing.

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