My dog was raised by someone obviously who litter box trained her and never took her outside! How do I undo that? She is scared of the grass and is puzzled what to do out there. But, she holds her pee all day then goes right to the pad! Help! I do not want her doing this, my other dog is potty trained, I want her to be too! I need advice!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Kim C

    I would imagine that you just have to take the time to explore different things. I’ll tell you what worked for me… I did the paper thing, moved it closer and closer to the door. Everytime they peed, I would take them outside, praise them when and IF they did go outside. That’s all okay, but what I ended up doing was hanging a rope with bells from the door and everytime we went out, I would hit the bells with my dogs paw, and then get obnoxiously excited. Pretty soon they caught on and now they ring the bells when they need to go out! Works great!!!!!

  2. Kristin B ©

    Move her litter box, or puppy pad closer and closer to the door, every couple of days. Let her get used to the new area and then move it to a new one not too far away.
    Eventually get to the point where her puppy pad is outside, and then continue to move it further and further into the yard.
    Eventually she’ll understand outside=potty and will whine at the door to go out.
    Takes patience though, and she’ll probably have some accidents after you move the pad outside the door.

  3. cyndia

    move the pad closer and closer to the door each time and then put the pad outside the door… when shes sniffing around the door you’ll know she has to go…. eventually put the pad on the grass and maybe she’ll get the point.
    of course lots of praising too 🙂

  4. ruthkee1

    Place the litter box outside where you want your dog to relieve itself. Take it to this spot with your other dog. After a few times, take the box away but still take it to the same spot. Your other dog can also assist with the training by example. Also look into Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer…on cable or internet.

  5. EasyVee

    Maybe one step would be is to help her fear of the grass. Spend some time outside in the grass with her by giving her treats and toys.

  6. liveyour

    Unfortunately, it’ll be harder to teach her to use the bathroom on the grass. Since she’s not comfortable going on the grass, I would recommend putting the litter box on the grass outside and letting her get used to being outdoors when she’s using the bathroom. Then, try to get rid of the box and put newspapers down on the ground with litter on top to encourage her to go without it being in a box. Then, get rid of the newspaper and gradually use less litter on the ground. Soon, she’ll be able to see that there’s grass poking through the litter and it’s okay to go on the grass. I’m not sure it’ll work because I don’t know a dog who’s litter box trained, but you could try. I hope this helped. Good luck!


    if she is a small dog, you can carry her outside and sit with her calmly in the grass for a little while, then go back inside and do it again the next day. take her litter box outside.

  8. cinny

    It all depends on how old the dog is, and how long it’s been trained to do this. The older the longer it will take. But a puppy would be easy. I agree with what someone said about putting the box near the door. At some point remove it, start taking them outside. I used a word command, “go to the bathroom” and my dogs go on the spot. When she does go outside, reward her with a treat and pet her. She will catch on. In the meantime beware of accidents on the floor.
    I wouldn’t scorn her, just say no, and take her outside and say “go to the bathroom”. She will catch on eventually, then again repeat with a treat, so on.

  9. Dogjudge

    Always easier to teach a dog what you want it to do, rather than what you don’t want it to do.
    How about starting with putting some of the pads outside to see if she’ll go on them when they’re outside?

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