just wondered how it works should you use it with a dog whistle?


  1. Misa M

    I believe that using a click with another signal might work – but initially, you want to keep things as clear and simple as possible – for you, and for your dog. I’m not clear about what you want to do with that whistle….?
    1. Click = Treat. Always. Click to ‘mark’ whatever the dog is doing *at that moment!* and then reward. The faster you reward after the click, the faster your dog will learn to repeat what he has just done to earn his reward.
    2. Click before treat. Again, always. It doesn’t make the click stronger or more effective to click while feeding. For more about this, you can Google B.F. Skinner and Pavlov and his experiments.
    3. If it seems that your dog doesn’t understand the click, back up. Use *amazing* treats (diced chicken, steak, salmon, cheese, etc) Be sure that when you begin, you are working with your dog in a very boring place (no toys on the floor, nothing else going on in the room) Don’t let it be too easy for your dog to choose to go do something else.
    Books and videos are great – Virginia Broitman and Karen Pryor have a lot of them – but taking a class is really the best thing to do. Have fun!

  2. Peanut butter Jelly Time!!!!

    everytime the dog does something rite you give him/her a little treat and click the clicker, after a while you stop giving the treat and just click the clicker and the dogs recognises the click as praise which helps them learn.
    hope i helped.


    Well Clickers are ok, but i use snickers, tasty treat and doggy will be by your side always, when hes fed up you can snack yourself with the left overs.

  4. musiclov

    You tell your dog to do something like sit.The minute he follows this command click the clicker.Also a treat always helps as this way he/she knows they have done something good!!!

  5. smartie4

    it helps because they ll know whats wrong and whats right. it wont hurt them because the sound isn’t that much harm full it will leave your ears ringing though! AND DONT USE IT WITH A DOG WHISTLE.

  6. Loki ❆ Wolfchild

    Doesn’t really go with a whistle.
    You need to LOAD the dog to the clicker before using it, which basically means teaching them that “click”=treat.
    So you click and treat, click and treat, until the second they hear the clicker they perk up and start looking for a treat.
    Then, using the above example, you can ask them to sit, or guide them into a sit. The minute that fuzzy butt hits the ground, you click. The dog associates their butt hitting the ground with something very good. Then you give the treat.
    Clicker training is about being able to define for the dog the exact behavior that you’re rewarding them for. It was developed by dolphin trainers (who normally use a whistle) — the whistle and the click mean basically the same thing.
    So it would be redundant to use both.
    In order to learn clicker training correctly (many people mistakenly believe you use the “click” to command a dog to do something — not true), your best bet is to take a class with a trainer that can demonstrate techniques, or buy one of Karen Pryor’s clicker training books.
    Good luck!

  7. coulbean

    There’s a lot of information to learn before you try clicker training. I’d suggest reading several books to get a well-rounded idea of the concept.
    The idea is that the clicker marks the correct behavior. Your dog knows that what he did was correct and that a reward is coming momentarily. You can click faster than you can talk or deliver a treat so you get better timing with a clicker.

  8. tom l

    A whistle is used to GIVE a command. A clicker is used to MARK proper behavior after a command has been given. So the two serve completely different porpoises.
    However the primary porpoise of a whistle is to tell the dog to sit when it is not at your side. It just saves you from screaming your guts out is all.

  9. Tammy R

    I am working with a dog trainer as an apprentice and we use the same theory, but with the word “yes” instead of the clicker. You can say “yes” at any time instead of finding your clicker. You have to use the “clicker” or “word” within a second of the desired behaviour. Very quickly they will know that a treat is coming when they hear this sound. Eventually you won’t have to do the treat every time. The dog will learn that is always an opportunity for treat when it does certain behaviour and a treat can be a scratch on it’s chest or head, where ever the dog enjoys it most. This type of training comes from training dolphins. It works great. The first thing you want to teach your dog is eye contact. When ever your dog watches your face instead of doing something else reward. Eventually when there is another dog for example your dog will look at you before going running off to play. You want to be the most important person in the world to your dog and all the other training will fall into place.

  10. no body

    When you give a command and the dog obeys you click the clicker and give the treat. The dog regonizes that if he obeys and hears the click he has done something good. You can also use praise so he wont get board. Use small taste treats and only use them for training and not with everyday free treat, use a different treat for freebies so he wont get mixed up with the training treats

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