We have cats who have brought fleas into our home. I am desperate to get rid of them. I sprinkled the boric acid into the carpet, I just doen’t understand what it does to the fleas. Do they eat it?


  1. Donna E

    Boric acid is a carcinogen according to the Federal Health Commission. It had to be removed from all schools and stores here in the US several years ago. Be careful with it. I wouldn’t want to see your cats ingest any of it. So to your vet and buy a spray that you can use throughout your home and is also safe around animals. It won’t take long to get rid of them and be sure to treat the cats.

  2. J.

    Powdered boric acid has NOT been removed from stores in the U.S.!!! I have been buying it for years to kill roaches and carpenter ants (in any new apt I move to) and recently found out it also works on flea’s. I buy mine at CVS. It’s simple, powdered boric acid. It has many many uses, and does NOT pose a threat to kids and animals. I have both a child and 2 cats. Never ever had a problem with it. It does work by causing dehydration as Anama states. I’d definitely give it a try. It does take at least 2 weeks to completely eliminate the bugs though, so be patient and you will be amazed!

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