I have excellent techniques and have been quite successful with a lot of tough cases and would like to know how to get into it professionally.


  1. Bright A

    a MENTOR you trust and admire would be a good place to start– ask only truly successful ones though! You did not say what KIND of trainer..? Professional breed ring handlers may be helpful, ask at top level shows after the shows or around the groups.. I’d GOOGLE /use online search engines t5ype in your question and/or subject and check out the links presented. One guy I have heard of is http://www.gamefair.com/speakers/daryl_cooper.htm but there are thousands for different types of training and breeds! AKC may be helpful as well.. http://www.akc.org/

  2. rhinestones

    Find a kennel that has “in kennel training”. Get a job or volunteer as a scooper or whatever they’ll let you do. Spend all your free time with the trainers. Work with as many breeds as possible. If you feel like the trainers are using the same “method” over and over again….find a different kennel. When you’ve done “Hands on” work with 700-800 dogs, you’ll be ready. You could be a fluke and have enough natural ability to finish sooner…or you may not have the ability no matter how much you try. I know people that have been in business for 50 years and STILL can’t train a dog.

  3. Pilot~floppy paws & wiggle buns!

    You find a Mentor…..a good one with exprience, and work your way into training. Or, you contact a Trainer and ask them for their suggestion and who to contact.

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