What does the collar do if not a shock? Is it worth $60.00? I have a new puppy! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


  1. kate carpenter

    I will confess, I’m not familiar with the ‘dogfather’ dog training. But if it involves a shock collar…please no!! Shock collars are only the very, very last resort. Think about it, it will take your dog quite awhile to correlate behavior to shock and it’s cruel.
    You have a puppy, which is the ideal time to start the training on your own. It’s a lot easier (and usually quicker) with a pup because they are like little computers, don’t have the bad habits yet (or shouldn’t) and absorb everything–good and bad–remember that!
    We raise Australian Shepherds and we start training them the simple commands at about 5 weeks. Those commands are locked in forever.
    I have how we do it on my Squid** (replace ** with oo, Yahoo is having a ‘problem with Squid** lens today) lens, plus some really good resources for further training!
    Enjoy your pup!

  2. julia

    it does not involve a shock coller it imitates the mum giving the pup a correction for unwanted behavior by giving a little nip on the loose skin around the neck it does not hurt the dog.if you watch the videos on utube you will see what it involves.

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