We are dogsiting for someone and I just saw some fleas on their dog is it possible in one day for the dog to give mine fleas?Mine is staying outside.


  1. bubbaboo

    Fleas multiply outrageously fast….bathe the dog in dawn now …all dogs and get some over the counter flea meds or hartz flea and tick spray (can get it al Walmart)
    Before you know it there will be millions, if the dogs are outside, thats even more reason to get flea meds on them….fleas will thrive on an outside dog

  2. Mthr_Nat

    If your dog is outside, it probably already has fleas. Fleas infest yards and can transfer to not only wild and domestic animals, but to humans as well. Once this happens, all areas where pets are (yard, home, vehicles, etc) should be treated for fleas. It only takes 1 female and 1 male to populate an entire house in just weeks.

  3. Pam

    Most definately. They can get in your carpet, furniture….etc… and if there is no host, they willl find one (your dog in the yard).

  4. Chalice

    Yes of course it is. Dog’s don’t even need to be in contact with each other to get fleas, they can just pick them up from the environment.
    If your dog is going to be outside he most definitely needs to be regularly flea treated – he’ll pick them up from outside, never mind the other dog! Even indoor animals get fleas as fleas can come in houses quite easily. You need to use a treatment from a vets, not a store. There’s no point using Dawn Dish soap because it is not preventative – it only washes fleas off, and then when the dog is dry more will just hop right back on! Flea treatment from stores like Walmart is very ineffective.

  5. beauti_m

    It is pretty easy for them to spread flees, if they go near another dog they could just spread them easily.

  6. Alfheim

    If this dog is inside it can give you fleas. If your dog comes in contact with it, it probably will give your dog fleas as well.
    Fleas will jump off into your carpet and will jump on and bite you.
    Fleas can go without eating for weeks if not months if there is no host available. They will lay eggs in your carpet.
    Best to get this pup in to the tub.
    Contact the owner and inform him/her that you would like to put a dose of Advantage or Frontline plus on their dog. Spend the money for one dose. You’ll be out a few bucks, but it’s cheaper than all that you will have to go through to get fleas out of your home.

  7. cassief1

    Yes they just have to be near eachother to spread them. Keep your dog away! Give the other dog a bath – they can and will get in your house and its hard to get rid of them. You can bathe the dog in Dawn (blue – original) soap and that will kill the flees, just allow the soap to sit on the dog for 5 minutes. Good luck

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