My friend gave me her dog 2 days ago. As far as I am aware he did not have any fleas at the time ( she has 2 other dogs and they don’t have fleas, and all of the dogs never have.) Yesterday I took him to the groomers and they didn’t say anything about fleas, which I would assume they would have. Anyways today my 6 month old son has 2 groups of 3 little red bumps, one group on his arm, and one on his leg. I didn’t even think about fleas until my father watched him and said that he had a couple little bites and they kinda looked like flea bites. So now the real question is does anyone know how fast fleas can come into the home, to bite humans. My fiance and I have both checked the dog and found nothing, but I’m wondering if this even sounds like fleas or what? Thanks for everyones imput!!!!


  1. candi041

    I just went through this almost two weeks ago. But I did find fleas on my animals. But no one had any marks on them but my baby who is 6 months. Couldnt say for sure it was a flea bite but I didnt take no chances. Got my animals capstar which killed the fleas an half an hour and got them frontline plus which kills fleas and any hatching ones. The vet gave me a spray to spray where my animals lay and we bombed the house with adams flea bomb. Which was really scary since I have a baby. I will never bomb my house again. I am still freaking out about what my son touches even though I washed everything in sight. I am just waiting to get the carpets professional down. But someone once told me to put a piece of paper under the animal and rub the animal if you see black or brown spots your likely to have fleas on your animal. Exspecially if you add a drop of water to the brown spots and it turns red its dried blood. And another way to find out if you see like dirt on there back which it isnt dirt its fleas dried blood there cocoons. I hope that helps some.

  2. daniswir

    Fleas invade incredibly fast. As a matter of fact, there is a rule of thumb that says for every flea you find, there are 100 you don’t. Against popular myth, most fleas do not reside on the pet, but all over the house.
    I would flea the bomb the place immediately.

  3. U98

    Fleas are fast to invade. Keep an eye on each others legs for flea bites. Fleas don’t jump that high to bite. Small red spots usually. Kids on the floor can have them anywhere. They don’t stay on the body. some dogs never show marks from flea bites.

  4. k

    Extremely fast. I hate to say it but it’s possible he picked them up at the groomer. Even if he didn’t have them it’s possible other dogs there did. If he does end up having fleas be sure to treat your home. Fleas lay eggs that lay dormant in your carpet/on furniture and later hatch.

  5. regwoman

    Hey Tink! Fleas travel very fast. From the time the dog walks into the house, that’s how fast fleas travel. They like to hide in the warm fur of animals. If u want products, go to Yahoo Search and type—-fleas travel how fast—–there’s products.

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