I had cats in my house a month ago and can not get rid of the fleas. I have fogged the house three times, it works for a day but than I will see one again. How do they live, there are no animals in the house now, and wonder why they won’t die?



  1. Jinx

    Have the house exterminated or use home defense. YOu can also use granules in the yard. Wash the pets with flea shampoo.

  2. trippy.s

    My vet said to vacuum wherever my cat slept, and then to toss the bag out, so they can’t get back into the house. I had to do this a few times, but it worked.

  3. Tigger

    Fleas can actually live quite a long time without eating. And if all else fails, they are eating you.
    I pretty much did the same thing Ginny does, except I didn’t leave the powder 24 hours and I kept vacuuming every day for a minimum of 2 weeks. And I didn’t use the foggers: I was having visions of that residue settling on my things and getting into me.
    Get a professional to treat your yard too, in case they’re hiding there.
    Anyway, I have no more flea problems.
    Good luck!

  4. SanRae

    I am not San Rae, but I am her son using her computer to answer questions for the time being…, But I actually am an exterminator and I use a product that goes by the name “Pre-Core” get it and problem solved guaranteed.

  5. lil'miss

    Salt your carpets and furniture. It’s cheaper than borax and creates an environment that becomes to dry for the fleas to survive. The salt won’t hurt anything so sprinkle it on and vacuum it up when you normally would vacuum

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    First vaccum the house real good, toss out the vaccum cleaner bag if its bagless dump into a plastic bag and seal it remove it from the house the live fleas are still in it.Try sprinkleing Borax soap on the carpets, furniture, kinda rub in, leave for 24 hrs. Then vaccum again, remove bag again then set off bombs. Repeat in 30 days. Should work.

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