I took care of a cat in my home for a friend. After the cat left I found fleas everywhere!! I have sprayed but I am still getting them.


  1. momof3br

    I housesat for someone that had a dog with fleas (the dog was boarded) and the fleas were terrible. They would crawl up your legs when you walked into a room and they did/do bite!!!
    My suggestion is a flea bomb. Quick, easy and successful. May have to use it again but its better than the powders and sprays.
    If you have a pet, while the house is being “bombed” you need to be bathing and combing the animal so it goes in “free” of fleas.

  2. Jemma

    You need to wash anything the fleas are on and get the most high powered flea spary you can get and spary it everywhere. Also alert your friend your cat has fleas so she can get them off of her.

  3. dj

    I would keep spraying or get your house professionally sprayed. Fleas are not just going to go away, they have you to feed off of.

  4. spaceyin

    There are so many cycles to a flea…killing them is not exactly easy…fleas will nest anywhere they find hair, fur, carpet, etc….you may need to buy flea shampoo or buy a flea bomb…try this link to walgreens:http://www.walgreens.com/store/product.j…
    sraying wont do too much if there are alot of them, you will have to bomb your house…flea bomb that is…good luck!

  5. whomdini

    At night, leave a dish out on the floor with some soapy water in it and a lamp shining on it. The fleas will go to the light and drown in the soapy water. It may not get rid of the fleas completely, but it will certainly help.

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