I am a little bit shocked this week, I brought home my eight week old puppy little over a week ago & she knows three tricks & is paper trained already with no treat based training.
How long did your dog or puppy take to pick up on simple commands?


  1. Heavenly

    Well cavilier’s are certainly not dim,as you have found out.It’s great your puppy is this far ahead all ready it makes life a whole lot easier with a quick learner.Keep reinforcing the training she’s learnt so she doesn’t take any backward steps,if she isn’t being treat rewarded for this then make sure you are rewarding her with something else i.e fuss or a play.I would also try getting her to go outside in the garden to the toilet as in the long run paper training can confuse pups!!Keep up the good work as when your dog reaches adolecence it may be a different story.My own dogs started picking commands up about 9/10weeks old,my 1st dog did know sit and down by 10weeks.Good luck and hope your puppy gives you much joy.

  2. Bob M

    If you do trai then when young and rewards of treats and petting. plus tell em you like em they pick up on that very fast. mine took two days. he died a few years ago and its like loosing a child.

  3. puggylov

    My pug picked it up rather fast while my beagle was a little more stubborn but now my beagle will do more tricks with out prompting than my lazy little puggy boy.

  4. Emily B

    Congratulations! That’s a really big deal! Puppies are like children, some are “go with the flow” personalities and then there are some that always go against the grain. I have two (yellow and chocolate) labs that were fairly easy to train, I had a black lab that was a nigh mare to train. She was going to do what she wanted not matter what! She was almost a year old before she was completely potty trained. It was awful!
    Sounds like you have a great doggie!

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    my german shepherd piccked up sit paw come quickly but he isnt to good on how to lay down.
    i guess that some dogs have either got it or doesnt so your a lucky person then if your dog it a know it all.(Joke)
    well i hope that you have fun learning more and have a nice future together.x

  6. sunshine

    my Jack was the same he was able to roll over the same day and I only have to make the jestures and he picks up right away so I think he is clever too

  7. Smiley

    got him when he was two months old; he took about 2weeks to be house trained, and learnt sit. another month to learn lie down… but hes a year old on sunday, and he still hasnt learnt NOT to jump up on people, or bite things, or run away to other dogs…. im finding it pretty difficult! well done with your pup thou, she sounds gorgeous!!!!

  8. scottsdale interior design

    Most puppies will learn very quickly if you put in the time it takes to show them what you want and talk to them, teaching them words and associating them with things. They learn VERY fast! People think that you have to wait to start teaching a puppy things, but it’s not true. They are like a blank little chalk board, just waiting to be filled up.
    Some people are just naturally good with animals and find it very easy to teach, patience is the key, as well as consistency and repetition.
    Good for you working with your puppy already!

  9. Pythones

    This depends a lot on the breed of dog involved, and the invidual dog. My Shiba Inu picks up on things a lot faster than my Labrador (who has his CD, CDX titles) ever did – but performing them on command is another matter. The Lab is obedient to every command he knows, every time. The Shiba is not. But Shibas are an indepedent breed and, as a rule, do not like repetition. They won’t “sit” on command every time, just because you ask them to. The Labrador will. Who is the smarter dog? I honestly think the Shiba is, he learns things much faster than my Lab did, even though the Labrador, most people would think, is the more “well trained” dog, becuase he obeys every command every time. But it’s just the differences in the breed, and obedience is not always a measure of intelligence.

  10. jacob carson

    it took about 3 moths i have very good experience with animals..when i was 14 i went to a store and i brought my eagle case. i layed it on my arm and i called out out of nowhere the eagele landed on the case. i had no experinse b4 this time with eagles.

  11. Janet F

    Hi – all breeds are different, and each puppy is an individual. Just like children, some pups are quicker at picking things up, than others! You are very lucky in your choice of puppy, by the sound of it and she is a very clever little girl. I trained my pups with love and kindness, and plenty of praise for jobs well done. I don’t believe in smacking a pup, as they need to feel that they are loved and secure in your company. Some people prefer to give their pup a treat if it does well on command, but I have never had to resort to treats. If your pup continues to learn at this rate, she will be ready to learn other commands very soon. The trick is not to give her too much at once, and she will feel well loved and appreciated, and will want to do anything to please you in the future. Good luck.

  12. Sierra12

    Our dog new sit and was learning stay at 8 weeks. They say dogs are mentally capable of learning ‘pack’ rules as soon as they’re weaned from their mothers. We learned a great deal from Ceasar Millan, he’s great with dogs and why they do what they do!

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