K so its been like 4 months and my dog still has fleas my mom vacumes and washes everyday and we also put frontline on my dog.The fleas still havnt gone away and the fleas im pretty sure are biting me now.Because i pull alot out a day i did the mayo treament and the over the counter meds dont help.Theyre not going away im itching like crazy my dog is a bijon firse his skin looks all red and scaly please help!


  1. Nevaeh Jaelyn born 9/7/09

    Just doing that won’t make them go away. I know it is a pain in the *** but you have to get good flea treatment, flea bomb you whole house, vacume like you doing, and you should do this consistantly. I have cats and we have really bad fleas and we have bombed every room in the house, gave all the cats flea treatment, and my mom vacumes just about every day. It is very hard to get them all completly away because fleas lay eggs, when they mature they spread like crazy, your best bet is get an exterminater if the flea treatment and bombs aren’t helping. You will have to bomb a few times and they aren’t cheap so if you would get an exterminater they will mostly go away but you will still need to do flea treatments on your dog. Dog fleas are the worst because they are big and they are a lot worse then cats fleas, my friends dog had them very badly. I feel so bad for any animal who has them because some are infested with them and people don’t have the money to get them flea treatments. I’d call an exterminater though, good luck and I hope this helps.

  2. jennifer K

    fleas will stay in your house how ever long you allow them to. front line should be given to all the animals in the house once a month all year long to prevent fleas. if you get fleas you need to spray your yard with flea killer and bomb your house with flea bombs you can get them on petmeds.com or a pet smart or pet co good luck its a hard expensive battle getting them all gone

  3. hudsongr

    The flea treatment lasts one month. Any fleas on the dog that ate blood will die. Any not on the dog and not killed by the vacuum will bite the dog eventually and die.
    It’s the EGGS that are hatching that are the problem. The dog needs a flea treatment every month (once a month) as these only last 4 weeks. If you keep up with that, all the hatching fleas will die, and the eggs still hatching will have their fleas die as well. You break the cycle this way.
    Keep up with the vacuuming. Get along the floor boards and between the cracks, as this is where fleas hide. Vacuum the furniture too.

  4. Jerrilyn

    you need to wash the dog with flea shampoo
    you need to wash all your clothes
    you need to call an exterminator and have your home fumigated

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