I applied Frontline to my cat last night around 8PM, and on Frontline’s website it says all fleas should be dead in 18 hours. It has been over 24 hours and I just found 3 live fleas on my cat. How long does it really take for all the fleas to die?


  1. Kat

    Frontline only kills fleas that are biting your cat.
    You can buy Capstar and Frontline Plus at drsfostersmith.com . The Capstar will kill all the fleas on your cat almost instantly and the frontline will prevent re-infestation. Use the Capstar right away. It will kill all fleas on your cat with in an hour. It is imperative that you do not skip this. Frontline (or advantage, revolution, promeris, etc.) is only effective if the flea bites the cat. Fleas have a 3 week lifespan and only feed for a few days of those three weeks, so you must use Capstar to kill all live fleas on your cat. After you Capstar add on the Frontline Plus and it will keep fleas off your cat for 30 days. Any eggs that hatch will be killed when they feed by the Frontline. Refrontline every 30 days. No vet visit required and totally safe.http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/pr…
    Frontline contains fipronil, which spreads via the body oils killing fleas within 24 hours and ticks within 48 hours. Ticks are generally killed before they bite, decreasing the risk of tick-borne disease transmission. Approved for use on kittens 8 weeks and older.
    Frontline Plus also contains (S)-methoprene, an Insect Growth Regulator, which prevents an insect from maturing or reproducing. Approved for use on kittens 8 weeks and older.
    You can use FRONTLINE flea and tick control once a month and it’s completely waterproof. Provide your cat with the best flea and tick protection, right from the start. http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/pr…
    Capstar – Treats flea infestations on pets. Starts killing adult fleas on the pet within 30 minutes. One dose lasts 24 hours. Use when pets are likely to be exposed to fleas. Also may be used prior to surgery, boarding, or grooming. Active ingredient is Nitenpyram, which interferes with the normal nerve transmission of insects, effectively killing them. Not a preventive. For pets over four (4) weeks of age. Package of 6.

  2. Calvus

    The flea has to bite the animal before they die. When you see a flea if you can touch it and it acts ‘drugged’ then it has been infected. Non infected fleas that have not fed yet will jump away really fast.
    VACUME YOUR HOME EVERY DAY. Your vacume will suck up the adults and some eggs. It works trust me. I had an infestation and its all cleared up thanks to daily vacumes and frontline.
    You can also add frontline every 2 weeks on healthy pets if its really bad.

  3. rmbrruff

    Frontline will kill all the fleas ON your cat in 18 hours, but the fleas that are in your house will take at least 3 months to kill. The reason is, the eggs, larvae, and adults will be killed by the frontline, but the cocoons that the adults hatch out of, cannot be killed. They have to hatch, then jump on the cat to be killed.
    You don’t need sprays or bombs. Just use the frontline religiously, and you will rid your house of fleas as well.
    Edit: The fleas DO NOT have to BITE your cat to be treated. They only have to come into contact with the cat to be killed. That’s why the topicals (the ones you put on the skin) are so much better than the pills. With the pills the fleas have to bite, and they just get sterilized. That leaves the adults to keep biting the cat.

  4. James L

    Well, it only kills the fleas that bite your cat. So if you have live healthy fleas in your house (in the carpet and such, or another pet) they can still jump on your cat for you to see, but they will die when they bite. They never bite immediately. You probably need to have the house treated as well.

  5. WP Robot

    it takes abit but you have to spray the house 3 feets up all around the walls and spray the yard and then give that pet his front line plus you need this one its the best on the line and it works really well. once they start it will kill them all then you hae to have them wormed cause they swallow one flea that is how they get worms

  6. Fresh-a-

    the fleas have to bite the cat to become infected with the medication. its not an “on contact” killer so the flea will bite and then it will die up to 18 hours later but only after it has bitten the cat, its not instant

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