We have recently treated our cats for fleas and was given R.I.P flea spray for the home from the vet. Since using the spray I am still seeing fleas around the home, yet the cats have now been treated. How long does it take for fleas to disappear from the home once treated?


  1. oh_shotd

    I’ve never heard of this item, but from my experience flea spray’s aren’t exactly safe, and generally don’t work that well. With a bad infestation you’ll need to keep all animals in the home treated with advantage or frontline every month, and you’ll need to clean your home extremely well. Areas to keep an eye on are anywhere in your home that has carpet or upholstry (sp), and anywhere that the cat commonly hangs out. All bedding, associated with the cat will need to be washed and your carpet will need to be vacuumed every other day, if not daily. You’ll want to make sure you’re getting at the hard to reach areas as well, because fleas will lay eggs anywhere and everywere, so getting just the areas you can see, isn’t going to cut it. Just using a pesticide on the cat will take 4+ months to get rid of the infestation, but combining that with a good thorough cleaning will knock the infestation out much faster.
    P.S. Please don’t treat your cat with pesticides more than once a month with the correct dosage and make sure you’re using a name brand (advantage or frontline) because these will actually work and are not harmful to your cat, as opposed to the brands you’ll buy in the grocery store. You really don’t want to use any kind of sprays, powders, etc. in your home because while you are up off the floor, your cat is right there breathing all of that stuff in and can become VERY ill. So your best option is to keep the cat covered monthly and just keep your floors vacuumed.

  2. Smartphone Software

    Vacuum regularily! These little guys get into your carpet, so I suggest going to the store and getting some flea carpet powder. Usually in the pet section of the store. Sprinkle it around and let it sit for a while and vacuum it up.
    Get some flea bombs for your house! This is the biggest hassle because you have to remove your pets and yourself for a few hours, but these things really work!
    Afterwards, you need to be sure to treat your animals for worms. Ingesting flea larvae can sometimes give your pets worms, and it’s no good to get rid of some parasites while leaving others untreated. Some simple worming medication usually goes the trick, or talk to your vet

  3. ?

    yah the spray sucks…..they won’t disappear until they are completely GONE!!! eggs and all…..sprinkle salt all over carpet leave for a day or so and vacum….also try salt in vacum bag to prevent reinfestation

  4. Nedra E

    I don’t know how RIP works, but please do what I did as I can guarantee it WILL work. The fleas were eating on ME… Most flea treatments ONLY kill the live fleas and when the eggs hatch, you have more to treat. The treatments last for “x” days and the eggs hatch on a different schedule.
    Go to Walmart and buy a bunch of bug bombs. Bug bomb your home after putting away any exposed foods, and taking the animals out of the house. Use more bug bombs than they suggest… to get a really strong first treatment… Take your pets and go relax somewhere else for at least 4 hours. If you have a basement (cellar) remember to set off one or two bombs there as well.
    OK… that’s step 1
    Next, wait 4 days and repeat the house bug bombing, but you don’t need to do it more heavy than recommended by the bombs.
    Repeat this at least 4 times. You should not have any more problems. It does work… I don’t recall if I did my home 4 or 5 or 6 times, but I did NOT have to repeat, and it really was fairly inexpensive.

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