I am doing a training internship type thing with a local very preferred groomer and I will begin training my very first day. I go Tuesdays and Wednesdays every week. So how long would it take to be good enough to do it on my own? Thanks.


  1. wendy b

    I’ve trained alot (OJT)of dedicated, talanted, responsible, respectful, motivated, hardworking employees in the past. I prepared each one to expect the OJT internship to be a 5-6 month endeavor to be thoroughly qualified to call themselves a professional. Experience is the key here and that doesn’t come in a brief education. One can pay a school for anything from a 3 week class to many month’s but do understand that your everyday experience in a shop is real. I’ve been at this for 3 decades and am still learning. My advice is slow down on your plans and don’t plan on whipping through this for knowledge and experience is powerful to be the best and most sucessful. Ask alot of Q’s and be respectful to your teacher/mentor. This is a choosen profession. Also, get to the Denver Dog show Feb 13-16 atleast one day to study the cream of the crop and breed profile. Also, join the asso and become as active as you can for this is a group of friendly groomers to tap info from. Good Luck! WB

  2. Save the wolves.

    That depends. It’s an art, some people just pick it up much more easily than others.
    The learning experience does not end when training ends. Even if you finish the training and decide to groom elsewhere or you are at the point where you can work on a dog all by yourself, there is still going to be much to learn!
    There will be many breeds that you won’t get to groom during your training, since you don’t have control over what kind of dogs customers bring in.
    As far as a groomer opening their own shop–I would figure they need at least five years of grooming experience–and that’s if they are really good.

  3. buggy@ro

    I really couldn’t answer that since I’m not a dog groomer. But you said you take classes so how about asks your teacher? Though it does sound like something that could be done in a year.

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