I recently had a pet animal get fleas in a room: the bedding and everything else has been taken care of, but the seat cushions looked like they were going to be a problem so I placed them in one of those cold storage freezers to kill everything in them. The question is, how long do I need to leave them in there?


  1. DEMII K

    Put it in a plastic bag and seal. Leave it in for 3 days. Not only will freeze them so will the lack of air. Dave

  2. __A_YAHO…

    I don’t know that your freezer will get cold enough to freeze fleas to death. I once put an ant infested portable radio in a vacuum sealed bag and after 24 hours opened it up and the ants were just fine. Had to use ant spray.
    Even if you kill the adult fleas, the eggs will hatch and you will have fleas again (fleas I hear are hatched pregnant).
    You may have to use chemical sprays to kill them.

  3. woodbutc

    I had a problem with stuffed animals and fleas. I called the health department and they advised sealing them in plastic bags for a month. It worked. You may not have to freeze them, just suffocate the little buggers.

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