Does your dog have fleas?


  1. Maureen K

    I did work fora vet, for a while, we never counted the fleas, but one flea is too many, they make the poor dog miserable, et help, put garlic, in the food some way, powder or something, on daily basis, get the advantage or fronline, that is like a miracle, do it do it some how, and dont make the dog wait, if u truly care, pray for the dog, think about if it were you, one flea would be too many god bless, and good luck

  2. angelfac

    dog dies if they get to many times by fleas i didnt know that…thats weird….i really dont know….

  3. dog hearder

    many many flees. And it’s really unlikely that a dog would die of flee bites, so don’t worry.

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