This is from a question I’ve just asked. A kind helper told me to take my cat to the vet and get him a nice bath with medicated shampoo from the vet. They said my cat would have all fleas removed/ticks also. So how much did it cost you? Price ranges please!


  1. krazycat

    This is a really hard to answer question because vets prices can vary to which state you live in and how much they individually charge. A regular check up with no shots or anything costs me 12 dollars. I buy Revolution for my cat which costs 12 dollars per application and lasts a month. It repels ticks, fleas, mosquitos, and ear mites.

  2. wingnei l

    around $45. I took my cat to the vet once, and they actually didn’t take it out. They gave me the medicine. After that, the fleas should be gone.

  3. birdgirl

    A bath is only a TEMPORARY solution to getting rid of not waste your money doing this. Fleas from your house, or that you yourself can bring into the house will jump right back on the cat..and a bath does nothing to stop flea eggs from hatching. If you want a LONG TERM flea control go buy a topical flea medication such as Advantage or Frontline.

  4. Michele

    When my cats get fleas we buy frontline for them. Its about $60 for 3 dosages (three months to kill fleas completely).

  5. Joe C

    Fleas are difficult to kill. If a cat has fleas then they are most likely in the house as well. Save the money and don’t visit the vet. To fill fleas on a cat the best product ever made is to get FRONTLINE from the vet. Just walk in and buy it. It costs about $15 for a 4 months supply but it will kill the fleas on your cat and without having to give flea baths every week. Flea baths work for a few days and then the fleas come back because they are still in the cats living area.
    To kill fleas on carpets you will need to bomb the house and get a substance called pyretherin and spray the carpets. then lots of vacuuming will get rid of the fleas and the eggs they leave behind.
    Making your cat an inside cat will virtually guarantee the animal not having fleas again.

  6. bustersm

    I wouldn’t take my cat to the vet for fleas. When my cat(s) have had fleas, I have used a flea shampoo I bought at a store. They really hate it.

  7. Chalice

    You can apply veterinary products yourself, you don’t have to have the vet do it. You can buy Frontline over the counter at your vets, it treats flea and ticks. Just make sure you get it all on the skin of the animal, not the fur.
    Any decent, vaguely up-to-date vet will not use any form of flea shampoo, it doesn’t work. You’re also not supposed to bath before applying a spot-on, because bathing removes the natural oils from the skin and spot-ons require this to work.

  8. Impavids

    I agree with “Birdgirl.”
    The best to do is go to your Vet for Fontline or Advantage, and don’t bother with a flea dip.
    Also, the best remedy is to make sure they are not in your house (if you look at my questions, I’ve actually just asked a question on the best “natural” way to eradicate them from my house). A really GREAT way to eradicate them from your house is to sprinkle Borax (Boric acid) on your carpet, let it sit for about 30 mins, then vaccum. Make sure you get rid of your vaccum bag right away though. This method is safe to use around your pets and children.
    Pyrethrin will do the same thing, it’s just a really harsh chemical and you’ll have to leave the premisis for a while, and most likely call a professional. Can be a lot more costly than Borax.
    Good luck!!! It’s quite a bugger to have to deal with this, but you can do it!

  9. Fay

    Frontline cat is the only product that will get rid of fleas on a cat. Its expensive in the uk, I buy it on the internet, Im not sure if you are in the USA, so I cant tell you if it would be cheaper buying it on the internet. In the uk its so much cheaper buying Frontline cat on the net, than at the vets.

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