Obedience dog training typically cost from $40.00 to $70.00 dollars for a set of classes. Remember, you get what you pay for. Also, when choosing an Obedience Training class go sit in the class, without your dog, a couple of times before you sign up. If it’s a reputable school they will let you sit in and watch. If they don’t let you sit and watch then look for another class. AKC.com has a list of obedience training classes. Make sure the person that is teaching the class is legitimate and knows what they are doing.
Good luck.


  1. GreatHom

    My pup just completed Puppy Kindergarten at Petsmart. It was $119 for 8 weeks. She learned so much. Many people complain about the distractions that the store has but I found the distractions the best part. In the real world now my pup is able to do her commands despite distractions. She really got a lot out of the social interaction with the other pups and their owners too.


    At Petsmat (NJ/NY area), it was about $100-110 for me for each 8 week course—puppy, beginner, & intermediate. Advanced is about $120. I thought the classes were well worth it. My instructor was great and it was so much fun taking my dog. I currently completing the advanced right now.

  3. puggylov

    mine cost $60 ,,,, but are boxer forgot all of it in like 2 days,, so i taught her all of the tricks on my own

  4. Zaii Roux

    My husband and I went through Petsmart puppy training. I think it was about $90-$100 and around 6-8 weeks. I can’t remember. But it was great, it really taught us how to teach commands to our dog. Great experience, would like to do the intermediate dog training next, just have to find the time. 🙂
    Good luck and have patience.

  5. starryey

    for a puppy class it should not be more that $60 and be aware of the trainers looking to rip you off. Dog Training is not about making millions it’s about helping owners train there dogs to be good citizens and be able to take there dogs anywhere and listen to every command you say the first time. It could say you dogs life. r-solid.com Don’t blame them, simply train them

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