I know it varied depending on the dog and what you need and how long it takes, but I’m just looking for a ballpark. We just have a small dog who we adopted from a shelter and he never was potty trained and he tends to get seperation anxiety and tear the house up while we’re gone.


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    I have never heard of Man’s best friend, but I joined a local Obedience Training Club in my area and paid $65 dollars for 8 weeks of training and once we ‘graduated’ from the first class, I joined the club and now only pay $15 for 8 weeks of training. The cost is the same in our club regardless of the breed – I have a labrador retriever.

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    Those are common dog problems that you could probably solve yourself using things like books and the internet if you did enough research.
    If you crate train him, it helps with going potty in the right place and gives him a safe place to go, which may also help with S.A. He can’t tear your house up either. 🙂

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    Some training classes will charge a premium rate but if you make enquires at local centres which would offer much better rates for the same service.

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